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Get Past the First and Last Hurdle with Gamification in Training

When it comes to training programs, it is generally the first and the last part that trainers worry about the most. Initially, it can be quite a challenge to create interest in a new program, especially when the information imparted is brand new. Moreover, when it comes to collective studies for team-based operations, it is crucial that training build camaraderie and inculcate a spirit of teamwork. And, in the final stages, it is critical that there is a provision for evaluating the progress of trainees. Gamification in training and development addresses both these requirements and help corporates achieve the desired result.

Characteristics that Make Gamification a Potent Formula for Imparting Knowledge

Gamification is slowly becoming the mainstay of modern-day training programs. A company developing online training modules can help you conceptualize to-the-point gamification with the following characteristics:

Gamification that breaks the ice between new joiners

When a new team is formed, it can be a challenge to get the members comfortable with each other. A lack of interaction can stall the whole process of team building. But, with the right gamification training modules, you can get the members interacting with each other without any major effort. For example, a training program that requires multiple members to work towards a common goal necessitates communication between them. Therefore, they are able to get over their initial apprehensions in the early stages of the training program.

Gamification with attractive reward systems

At every stage of a training program, you can inspire trainees to perform better by giving them rewards in the form of trophies and badges. Reward system integration is not only effective at an individual level but also instills a spirit of competition. For example, corporate trainees push each other to learn more by striving to achieve the maximum number of rewards.

Gamification with periodic evaluation

When it comes to gamification in training and development, periodic evaluation is the key to achieve desired results. At every step, there should be tests in the form of multi-choice objective questions, in order to monitor employees’ learning progress.

Complementing Gamification with VR and AR

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are innovative technologies that can be combined with gamification for achieving the best results. At MPS Interactive, we specialize in developing online training modules that are in line with modern standards. We always strive to understand clients’ requirements and devise training modules that cover the entire scope of their corporate processes.