Why Google Cloud Hosting Is The Best Option For Your WordPress Website

Web Hosting is a tricky business. Once you have decided for cloud hosting though, you are faced by many options that seem equally popular and beneficial. While Google may not the most widely used WordPress cloud hosting service as of now, it is certainly destined to become one. Here’s why.

 Better Performance

 When it comes to loading times, the industry standard rests at below 2 seconds. But the rule of the thumb is ‘shorter the better’. Without any other measures, just migrating to the Google Cloud Platform slashes the load times by 50%. Combine this with all the other speed optimizations you can perform on your website, and you have blazing fast speeds.

Future Ready

In January 2017, Google let users leverage GPUs for machine learning and scientific computing. Later that same year, Virtual Machines with 64 virtual CPUs were introduced. Google also continues to expand their Google Cloud Regions to decrease latency across the globe. Lesser latencies will guarantee even faster load times and ensure your website is future ready.

Virtual Machine Live Migration

 If you choose a hosting provider with Google cloud hosting, you can be assured that their Virtual Machines or VMs dedicated to your website will always be up without any noticeable degradation in performance during live migration of VMs between host machines. None of the other cloud hosting services offers this feature.

State of the Art Security

Google has developed its security model over the course of 15 years and is employing it to secure services like Gmail and Search. All the data is encrypted over multiple levels, and the requests are coming from other components need to be authenticated and authorized. With 500+ full-time professionals working on security alone you can rest assured that your WordPress site is in safe hands.

Reduced Expenses

 Your goal to increase the business with better hosting doesn’t have to be heavy on your pocket. Google cloud hosting offers the best services at the cheapest of prices. After price cuts from both Google and its competitors, Google still costs less than 50% of its competition. Google also charges only in minute-level increments; therefore, you only have to pay for the compute time you use. Add the advantage of big bonuses for long-running workloads, and Google completely eclipses the competition.

Private Global Fiber

 While Google cloud is hosting lets you be future ready, they also serve you with one of the biggest networks in the world. Google’s very own 9000km trans-pacific FASTER Cable System ensures that data flows through even during disruptions. Such a massive infrastructure lets Google process more of your data in less time.

Redundant Backups

 Google has 4 distinct types of storage to ensure the highest durability possible: Cold line storage, nearline, regional storage, and multi-regional storage. What multi-regional storage does is store your data redundantly in at least two regions within the multi-regional location of the bucket. This acts as a safeguard against disasters of any type and scale. Redundant data storage is performed with automatic checksums that ensure data integrity.

As we can see from the points above, Google WordPress cloud hosting is the future of cloud hosting services. So why not choose it now and be part of the future before it arrives.

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