How Franchisee Attorney Will Help You In Mediation

For every mediation, it is important for the European Franchisee Attorney to understand the dispute from the angle of the party they are representing otherwise the scope of success will be very low. When the franchisees raise the dispute against the franchisor, it is quite challenging to keep the path towards an agreeable solution.

The role of the European Franchisee Attorney in the mediation is well derived when they will have to follow the rule. Here are some tips for them to handle the mediation meeting successfully for their clients.

  • Preparation: Good preparation is the key to any successful mediation. You have to make all the groundwork so perfectly that you will have the command over the meeting. When you will have a good grasp of the whole situation, you and your client will feel confidence. Only your good preparation can give confidence to your client.

  • Openness: The franchisor and franchisee will go for the settlement only when they have the confidence that they have sufficient information so that they can evaluate their prospect for the litigation. Through this process, they must think that they are not left in dark. Holding information may consider as a weakness in your case.

  • Patience: The mediation is a long process that will take hours to complete. As the attorney, you have to execute the whole process with lots of patience. You may have to do many follow up works after the session. It may seem very tempting to give up the process at some time but you have to stay focus. Moreover, you have to resist yourself to rush to the process just to end it.

  • Compromise: A good franchise lawyer is the one who has the attribute to compromise. Unless any of the parties agree to compromise, no mediation will be successful. The participant of the process must understand that risk is always involved and any of them is determined to ‘win’ it is nothing but wasting time.

 To handle a successful mediation, you have to keep in mind a few basic things like arriving at the right time, showing up at the right time and a few others.