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How SEO-friendly WordPress is dominating the Market

With over 60million users, WordPress is dominating the web industry. This open-source platform has become a blessing in disguise. It enables users to create, manage, update and organize their website’s activities using innumerable tools and even Google trends reported that WordPress is nine times popular than Drupal. Typically, WordPress makes you a web developer as it is convenient and easy-to-use, eradicating the need for technical expertise.

Take the name of any brand and all the big ones are using WordPress. This CMS platform is also taking over the eCommerce industry. WordPress eCommerce solutions are becoming popular with the passage of time. It provides eCommerce business owners with countless of extensions and plugins to maintain a smooth workflow.

Above all, WordPress is SEO-friendly, which is the major reason behind its popularity. Do you know why? Here are a few highlights:

Plain sailing

WordPress is exceedingly easy to use and learn, be it editing, creating new pages, creating a new blog post, etc. Everything on this CMS platform is easy to learn as compared to other popular frameworks available in the market. However, how it benefits in SEO is because of easy content posting and editing. To rank on Google, all you need is good content and WordPress help you to do so.

Meet the in-built blogging feature

WordPress is popularly known for its number of blogging sites available on the Internet. As it provides you with easy content creation, add media links and other components that you require, making everything flawless. You can also organize your post as per your needs with the help of categories and tags. Fortunately, WordPress offers a draft feature that allows you to be double sure when you’re about to post any content and make changes, then and there. Moreover, you can also schedule post and add different type of users such as authors, editors, etc., as mentioned in the below image:

Optimize the Yoast plugin to the fullest

SEO is undoubtedly an exasperating task that consumes a lot of time and efforts, yet inevitable in every business industry. To make things easier, Yoast has introduced a guiding process that shows character counts for Meta description, page title, and another add ons.  According to researchers, WordPress has incredible plug-ins as compared to other platforms.

Stay connected

You can stay connected with your customers and promote your business with the help of media feature. Media in WordPress allow you to seamlessly drag and drop countless images in at once and design them, enabling you to post on different platforms. It also provides you with editing capabilities and designs your images as per your requirement on WordPress.

Redirects without any hassle

In case, if you want to change a page title or content, then no need to worry. WordPress automatically redirects if you make any changes in your web pages, eliminating the hassle of writing separate codes for redirection. This is also one of the fascinating features of this open-source framework.


Forget the hurdles of sitemaps! Now with WordPress, submitting sitemaps is quite simpler as plug-ins like Yoast helps you create easy-to-use sitemaps. You can submit to Google and other search engines at just one click.

Enjoy Wysiwyg

If you’re a non-technical user, then Wysiwgy functionality can do wonders for you. You can utilize it for writing in-depth content or use Microsoft, which is contrary to other platforms. On other platforms, you have to learn the CSS language. But we’ve mentioned, with WordPress everything is easy and a non-developer can reap numerous benefits of this platform.

Try the custom taxonomies

With taxonomies, it is easy to tag different data types, which are afar the regular use of tags and categories. So in case, if you want to have different tags and categories for any new web page you can easily do so with a custom taxonomy.

Custom post types and page templates

Creating numerous post types and templates is absolutely effortless with WordPress, enabling you to better manage your content. For instance, you can create press, events, locations, and jobs distinct from your other content types that include blogs or web pages.

Use shortcodes and become technical

As the name suggests, shortcodes are very small and help you understand snippets of codes that you can easily insert into Wysiwyg functionality. This further offers you with the plethora of WordPress plugins, of which the popular one is Shortcode Ultimate.

Highly scalable

WordPress is powerful with some amazing abilities that include the management of traffic. WordPress can handle millions of traffic without crashing your website, which makes it highly scalable. This is one of the top reasons for choosing WordPress.

What’s in multisite

If you’re planning to run more than one website and want a single panel to handle all the sites at one go, then multisite is an ideal feature.


Though WordPress is extremely easy for non-developers, yet companies seek WordPress theme customization services to develop a professional website. If you’re searching for a WordPress Development Company in India, then you’re at the right place. Request a free quote now:

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