How to Choose a Red Prom Dress according to Your Body Type?

red prom dresses

Red represents passion, energy, and determination. Why not embrace a red prom gown this prom season and look stunning and chic. When you will wear a red prom gown and dance with your handsome date at the party, every eye will be focused on you. It is one of the ideal ways to turn head at the party. This color will look elegant in any style. 

However, before you pick one of the red prom dresses, you need to determine which style to choose. But before you choose a particular style, you need to know what is your body type and in which style you will look good. To help you, here, we have put together a few body types and what style will go with it.

  1. Apple body shape

A girl with an apple-shaped figure tends to have a broader shoulder, an undefined waist, a wider torso, and a fuller bust. For this body-type, girls would like to opt for a dress style that will elongate your slender legs, show-off your striking shoulders, but de-emphasize your midsection. Go for a flowy off-the-shoulder red prom dress or an empire-waist dress, which falls delicately over your waistline, as well as balances your silhouette. To go a little bold, choose a modified mermaid gown with a plunging neckline, which will be attention-grabbing.

  1. Pear body shape

If you have a fuller lower body, smaller bust, and wider hips, then you have a pear-shaped or triangle body type.  Girls with this body type, want to accentuate their upper body and small, defined waist. To get a classic look, you can opt for a one-shoulder beaded gown; it will give you a Grecian-inspired look.  But you should try to avoid long-sleeve prom dresses as it will conceal your upper body.

  1. Busty body shape

The busty body type or inverted triangle shape, means you have wider shoulders and a larger bust with slender legs and slim hips. With this body type, you would like to balance your silhouette with an A-line dress, such as a sparkling evening red prom dress or a short evening gown.  You can also highlight your hips with a trumpet or mermaid gown, which is fitted on the top. This body type also looks good in a strapless gown. Couple it with a beautiful necklace and show off your shoulders and neck.

  1. Rectangle body shape

Rectangle body shapes mean that you have similar measurements all through your body. You don’t have much change between your waist, bust, and hips. So, you would like to focus on creating a curvy and feminine shape to your body. When browsing through diverse styles, you should look for dramatic necklines with a mermaid or trumpet skirts to add curves. You can choose an embroidered red gown with plunging v-neckline or a mermaid-style dress for creating a fitted silhouette, which highlights your hips.

  1. Hourglass body type

An hourglass body shape means you have a well-balanced body. Your hips and bust are the same measurements and you have a narrow waist. Girls with this body type want to accentuate and show off their curves. Don’t try to hide the appearance of your body; rather opt for a red dress that highlights your waist and has a high neckline, like an embellished halter prom dress with an open back. You can also choose a mermaid gown with spaghetti straps to get a sultry look. With this body type, you have different types of prom dresses to fit your body. Feel free to choose the sleeves, which meet your style preferences.

So, based on your body type, choose the right red prom or one of the pink prom dresses, and be the ‘Queen’ of the party.

Author bio: Arthur Smith is a fashion blogger, who often writes on maroon and pink prom dresses. In this write-up, he has mentioned how to choose red prom dresses based on your body type.