Laboratory Incubators

How to Effectively Manage Your Laboratory Incubators?

The lab incubator is a crucial lab equipment in medical and pharmaceutical labs. Incubators are essential for the successful completion of various experiments. However, in order to get continued and effective service you will need to properly manage and maintain your lab incubators. This will ensure in increasing the reliability of your experiment’s results. Also, it is important to note that lab incubators can be very costly and hence, you will not like to frequently invest in repairing them so you should ensure that you take proper care of them from the beginning. In this small article, you will learn about some of the most effective ways to manage your lab incubators.

Some of the most essential practices are:

  • Placing your unit in a proper manner
  • Monitoring the temperature
  • Monitoring the humidity and carbon dioxide
  • Clean your incubators daily
  • Calibrate the incubator regularly

Here you will learn in greater detail about the first two practices

Placing Your Unit in a Proper Manner

It is important that you position your Laboratory Incubators properly as it will ensure that it can run efficiently and is not exposed to any potential contaminant. Some of the factors that you should be considering in this regard are:

  • The doors and the vents should be able to blow away the contaminants and reduce the change of any fungal growth. These will otherwise affect the unit’s temperature stability system.
  • You should ensure that the incubators are not exposed to direct sunlight as it can cause a lot of temperature fluctuations and create problems in anti-condensation.
  • You will need about three inches around the incubator where the heat vent and other sockets are accessible.
  • You must avoid humps and damp areas as they can create fungal growth.
  • You should not place the units any place where there is vibration like close to refrigerators and stirrers because vibrations will affect cellular growth.
  • You should ensure that the area around your lab incubator is cleaned regularly.

Monitoring the Temperature

The lab incubators are generally maintained around thirty seven degrees Celsius in order to help in the optimal growth of cellular cultures. If there are lots of deviations in the temperature range then it can destroy the cell cultures. Lab incubators have temperature sensors in them to help you know the precise temperature inside but often the sensors can malfunction. You should monitor if the temperature displayed is accurate or not by using a thermometer. You can attach calibrated thermometers inside your incubator and read the temperature and then compare it with the one displayed.

You should also avoid opening or closing the incubator doors too many times as it can affect the temperature stability of your incubator. You can use a lab incubator with a fixed door lock to allay this problem.

There are several online and offline suppliers who offer good lab incubators. You can get great deals and amazing discounts from online dealers but you should always check to see their credentials before making any purchase. Also, if your incubators have any issues then do not hesitate to call customer support for any assistance.