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Roku is a very famous name in the world’s media streaming, Anyhow what you are looking forward to, Roku has something for each and every one. That’s true that a great media streaming device is zero without some great content, and once you activate Roku TV, certainly you can cover everything in that particular area.

Similar to any other modern electronic and mobile device, the Roku players are also not untouched without their technical problems. Which is why we are here to round up with some of the most common Roku problems and tried our best to provide you with the potential solutions on how to fix them up. So, if you Roku is not working or you are facing some Roku sound problems, keeping reading and we will assist you to troubleshoot it.

Problem- Roku Remote Issues

Every Roku product comes with a simple IR remote, Ultra devices and the Premiere+ comes with WiFi remote “point anywhere”. It’s quite common that it happens with the new devices, you may find some difficulty to connect remotely with the Roku streaming player or might have connection dropping issues.

Potential Troubleshooting

Firstly make sure, that the batteries in the remote aren’t dead. Before proceeding for any troubleshooting, try a new pair of batteries.

If you are facing any kind of connection dropping frequently, try to clear the settings and re-pair the remote again with the Roku device. Firstly unplug the Roku device and then try to remove the battery compartment from the remote.

Press and hold the Home and Down buttons, or the A and B buttons, depending on the remote and then press the pairing button present in the battery compartment while holding the first two buttons.

Release the buttons once the pairing LED starts blinking. There will be three more LEDs, which indicates the remote pairing is cleared. Now try to reconnect the player, by pressing the pairing button, you can put the remote into pairing mode. You will find the pairing message appearing on the screen once the player reboots itself completely.

Problem- Roku sound problems

Some Roku users have reported that they face sound problems in the device while streaming content.

Potential Troubleshooting

This particular sound issue generally seems to happen because of the wrong configuration being enabled by default. The audio configuration can be found just by visiting Settings >>> Audio. If you are using an S/PDIF or we say, optical cable for audio output as a receiver, try to set the audio mode to Dolby Digital. If you are connected via HDMI to the TV and optical to AVR. Try to change the audio mode to Dolby Digital/DD+.

Problem- Reset Roku

Sometimes your Roku isn’t performed right. Even we keep on trying to activate the device with the Roku activation link, but still, somehow the condition is the same. In this particular case, the best way to fix up all this problem is to try and reset your Roku device.

Problem Troubleshooting

This reset method works only if you are still able to navigate the menus in your Roku device. Firstly, go to settings >>> Advanced System Settings >>> Factory Reset. This will return everything back to the original factory state.

We hope that this particular article helps you a lot, somehow if you still facing any issue with your Roku streaming device, feel free to share with us through the comment box. We always welcome your feedback, queries, and doubt and always work on it.

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