How to Tackle if You Have Put the Wrong fuel in Car?

How to Tackle if You Have Put the Wrong fuel in Car?


If you drive a car and you need to refuel it and by mistake, you have put the wrong fuel in car, that means you have done misfueling. which is inevitable and various studies have suggested that tyre puncture is just one of the primary reasons for the breakdown.  Empty gas accidents and battery play a role in vehicle collapse. However one scarcely recognized the reason for the breakdown is incorrect fuelling in the car. While two-wheelers operate on gasoline only (leaving aside electric drive), cars could be powered with two sorts of fuel — gas and petrol.  This also leads to confusion sometimes on what fuel the car is currently running on, resulting in wrong fuelling.

This issue is most common with the first-time motorists who are not aware of the gas type of the vehicle, or somebody driving somebody else’s car or language barrier when you are travelling.  Instead of the sort of accidents like tyre puncture, empty gas or battery down – gas in vehicle or gas in car can cause major damage in your car or truck. How big is this problem and how to manage it, we tell you Do It Yourself Guide!

Wrong fuel in car

How big is the problem when you made this type of mistake?

Wrong fuelling is a big troublemaker since you can not alone handle this scenario and have to go to a service channel to get it sorted.  Another breakdown triggers can be tackled on the spot, be it flat or vacant gas. Additionally, wrong-fuelling may lead to engine problems leading to your automobile’s engine.  Here’s what happens when you put the wrong fuel –

Petrol in Diesel vehicle – The engine can sustain a couple of kilometres of driving

Diesel in Petrol automobile – The engine may Undergo significant damage within a Couple of Seconds of starting the Automobile 

The way to handle wrong fuelling?

Wrong-fuelling has become a frequent phenomenon these days all thanks to the rapid sales of vehicles.  Individuals are moving from two-wheelers into four-wheelers and also they don`t know on their car is currently running which kind of fuel?  After incorrect fuelling of the car and both of them require another strategy there are two possible scenarios –

The most important thing to remember is – Don’t start Your Car or Truck 

– Don’t drive your car no matter what, and if need be, then push your car to the nearest parking bay

– Call an emergency roadside help or closest garage

– When your vehicle has an automatic transmission, you may need to start it to bring it into neutral.  Switch off the engine once done.

What are the potential damages?

Wrong fuelling may cause severe damage in the motor, but it’s extremely hard to assess the damage in the exact moment.  The damage is dependent upon how early you have discovered the issue as well as the emergency services. Here are the automobile elements replace and you need to check –

– Gas pump

– Catalytic converter

– Gas tank

– Valve guides and valve seats

How to regain the car?

Once your vehicle is contaminated with the incorrect fuel, it’s advisable not to begin the vehicle and call mobile recovery support.  Below are the various techniques that can be used to recover your vehicle. Bear in mind, you can not repair the car yourself because the harms are inside the engine and the only option is a service station-

 1 — Call a cell recovery assistance, also known as emergency roadside help.  They will utilize a gasoline hose to get the gas tank and those services’ technicians are trained and will empty it.  The vehicle is filled with the right fuel When the tank is empty. This method has limitations and can be utilized in the event the fuel hasn’t entered the gas lines.  Before refuelling if you have started your vehicle and the gas has reached the gas lines, then the technician is going to have to flush them.

2 — When the gasoline has reached gas lines, then the only solution is to take the vehicle to the nearest garage.  As stated above, if gas is filled in cars, they can run for a couple of kilometres and you can yourself take the car to your garage.  However, you need to have it cleaned and assessed properly. The mechanic will utilize a pump that is pressurized to take out the fuel or else they could get rid of the tank to manually drain the contaminated fuel.  A filter change may also occur depending on the harm.

3 — If, nevertheless, you’ve filled your petrol car with petrol and manage to begin it, the only solution is to have it towed into the garages you can not start the vehicle again.  The damage will be analyzed by the service channel and perform an entire overhaul, so replacing the parts.

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