Indian Wedding

Special Indian wedding things that show a perfect Indian culture

Weddings are considered the most memorable day for any couple. Marriage is not between two people but between two families, especially in India. Its importance in Indian Weddings can be revealed by its purity and the rituals performed to fulfill it. Even today many people follow the old customs at weddings.

There may be regional, religious, cultural and traditional diversity, but no one has ever stayed away from their customs. However the reason behind all the marriages is the same, and the customs vary. But there are some things that never change.

Mumbai is Goa, Kolkata is Rajasthan. The customs will change, but the enthusiasm and reasons behind the marriage never change. Even though the marriage takes place between two people, it involves the whole family. When it comes to wedding planning, the two families together happily like to carry out this task.

Here are the five things of every Indian marriage, which never change


The bride is the most beautiful and female at any wedding. There is only one bride who is not allowed to fall for his sake. Everyone is engaged in fulfilling his every wish. Where the bride is, there are some rituals going on in the house. From mehndi, music and Haldi function to farewell, there are so many countless rituals played in every corner of the country.


If you go to any corner of India, you will get to see many customs in the wedding function. But no Indian Wedding is complete without a lot of dishes. A variety of sweets and delicacies are made in every married household. It is a thing in which everyone gives their choice and opinion. Even though the food is different, the marriage is not considered complete without feeding the betrayals (bride party).


From dance to songs to laughter and fun, every member of the house is eagerly waiting for this special event. In particular, girls are excited throughout the day about which song they will dance to and which dress they will wear. It happens in every corner of India. Already, all-girls make different preparations for music.


Mehndi ceremony has a different significance in Indian weddings and is especially celebrated with great pomp. Mehndi is considered to be an omen. Marriage whether in any corner of India or in any religion. Whether you are Muslim or Hindu, the Mehndi ceremony is performed in every household. Both boys or girls need to apply henna for the omen. Yes, BS girls now choose mehndi designs of their choice.


Bangles are worn in wrists and wrists have many acupressure points, although there are many scientific reasons for this. But bangles are worn to the new bride in every corner of the country. Bangles also have a special color – red and green. Because it is considered the color of choice of the goddess, and the new bride is the Lakshmi of one’s home. That’s why she is wearing these bangles.


According to Indian tradition, girls are said to be indicators of home prosperity. In every culture, special ornaments are worn to the new bride called Lakshmi of the house. Wearing gold jewelry to the new bride is considered the most important in every wedding held in India.


Indian families often gather together only when the marriage ceremony of one’s son or daughter takes place. Relatives from far and near gather to attend the wedding rituals. Marriage with all customs has been the tradition of this country and in such a situation, without joining the family, marriage is not complete.


In these 3 to 4 of the marriage, all come close to each other. The whole family is together, we laugh, participate in rituals together. In these three days, they forget each other’s past. This practice is the same throughout India. After marriage, both the boy and the girl take the blessings of the entire family, so that they can start their new life with the blessings of the elders.

Keeping these few Indian customs in mind, an Indian Wedding can be completed completely. We can go to any corner of the world, but during wedding ceremonies, we prefer to marry only by our customs. Because the fun that is in the culture and marriage here can never be found anywhere else.