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Each employer should create the health and safety of their workers a premier priority. Even so, it’s not easy to balance keeping an injury-free workplace, potential compensation claims, information collection, and process revisions.

Injury Management Software helps employers properly manage the safety of their workers. It does this in four primary ways:

Avoiding injuries before they occur

Injury management software is designed to provide you with the tools to build up an in-depth safety system. iinsight generates an exclusive injury reporting system that can be used via a variety of devices to allow the workers to document safety incidents on the go. Additionally, it has workflow resources to make sure that all incidents move through review, analysis and helpful actions to avoid upcoming incidents.

Avoiding incidents from going on is essential to increasing your total safety program. This software ensures the systems to avoid incidents from repeating.

Injury management system and Claims

In some cases, injuries do occur, even when all procedures have been applied. When they do, you require an effective system that records all injuries and claims inside an easily accessible portal.

Injury management

The injury management system provides a link amongst an accident along with a claim. It provides you resources to manage all the noted injuries before the claims procedure is begun. This is a factor in avoiding additional expenses from being included in the premium payments.

Additionally, the system helps you deal with other areas of non-work related injuries. Non-work related injuries are recognized to cause bad production and undermine worker experience in the workplace.

Dealing with claims

Some injuries become claims. It is essential that you fast-track claim payments so workers can return to the workplace once they are fit to do this. Even so, due to the number of data created and the complex injury study, it often becomes a difficult task.

A strong claim management system provides the tools to handle all your insurance needs via a system that you can believe in. The system enables you to make a fast calculation of the claims method, control workers medical bills and make all the paperwork from just one portal while ensuring all regulatory needs are properly achieved.


It is necessary that the data created and stored in the main database be reliable and free from any unauthorized adjustment. The cloud-based platform provides improved security levels to make sure that only the authorized people have access to the information.

Additionally, the system includes a self-validation tool that finds any data problems like wrong figures or dates prior to the information is submitted. The tool provides notifications of problems prior to the information is saved in the main database.

Fast and easy management of injuries and claims methods is a trademark of quality safety and health software and program. iinsight simplifies the entire process of injury avoidance, management and claims methods making it affordable, quick and effective. It has an organized workflow that takes under consideration the compliance needs, challenges, and claims method.

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