Inverter Generators vs Conventional Generators

Inverter Generators v/s Conventional Generators

Ever since the industrial revolution, it was apparent that a game-changing tech breakthrough was on the horizon. And it didn’t take long for the conventional types of generators to come into the fold. Ever since these generators became a commonly seen entity at industrial sites, the whole concept of “production level limit” was changed forever.

It’s no more of a surprise to learn that a generator is basically a gadget that turns mechanical energy into electrical energy, thereby supplying the required power to run everyday appliances in case of a crisis or even a small power outage.

With the current advancements in science and technology, a new phenomenon called “inverter generator” has been introduced within the territory of conventional generators and it’s understandable why a commoner feels the need to ask, “What’s all the fuss about?” This is exactly the premise of this article.

Below we shall be extracting varying factors individually that shall determine how the Inverter Generators are any different from their vintage counterparts, and if they breathe new life into the power supply sector following their celebrated introduction.

Factors Differentiating Inverter Generator From Conventional Generator:-

  1. Expense/Pricing:

By and large, ordinary compact generators are less expensive to purchase than inverter generators. Regular compact generators are the most reasonable choice, particularly when a great deal of intensity is required.

The initial price is not the only thing to consider here, but also the resale value, which is again where the conventional generator takes the point. You are likely to sell a used conventional generator for a far greater price than the inverter one.

  1. Usability:

If you aren’t much of a fan of having to fill in the fuel every few hours and then running back to the generator to restart it again and again, then a conventional model is the ideal choice for you. Since these old gensets are meant for prolonged power supply duration, you can rest assured knowing that the generator will keep on running for the entire day once you’ve started it.

  1. Power Supply:

This is perhaps the most obvious point to discuss when comparing the two. “Which generator will produce me the most power?” In the event that you hope to keep your home ready for action with your generator, you’ll need a conventional model, without a doubt. Your home is always consuming two or three thousand watts constantly, not including when you do a heap of clothing or run the dishwasher. Inverter generators essentially can’t make that much power.

Some of the time you need to be in two places immediately – you need to prop the gathering up, however you need to see the game activity on your TV. They can’t deal with a whole house, however, they can surely deal with a TV.

Inverter generators are likewise increasingly helpful – they are commonly lighter and littler than their traditional partners, making them genuinely and effectively versatile.

  1. Fuel Efficiency:

Ordinary convenient generators can easily deliver more power output (electricity) than inverter generators. This has to do with various components including the size of the fuel tank and the mechanical distinction in power generation.

Inverter generators are more vitality effective gratitude to how the last AC current is delivered. The motor of an inverter generator naturally changes with the heap which a customary convenient generator can’t do.

  1. Eco-Friendliness:

All generators utilize some sort of non-renewable energy source, so in that sense, none of them are improving the soundness of the planet. In any case, the inverter generator is substantially more eco-friendly. Besides the way that they can’t produce as a lot of power, giving any of them a smaller natural impression, they just create as much power supply as is requested of them.

A traditional generator just runs, constantly, regardless of whether you’re utilizing the hairdryer or the high temp water or the pump. The inverter generator possibly kicks in when the gadgets are running or charging. In the event that you don’t turn on the TV, the inverter generator doesn’t work to keep it on.

  1. Portability:

Inverter generators are commonly more convenient than ordinary fuel-controlled generators. This again has to do with the measure of power they produce.

Traditional fuel-controlled generators that produce more power output have an enormous fuel tank and bigger motor so increasingly material is expected to house the machine. This is the reason traditional compact generators are greater and heavier than inverter generators.

  1. Noise Concerns:

Customized or portable generators are usually bantered for the amount of noise that they seem to produce. During the examination, the innovation utilized by inverter generators makes them run calmer. Inverter generators run at a relentless 3600 rpm which eliminates the main noise-making parts.

Most manufacturers will make sure to include a reference to the measure of decibels the generator makes at its half-load limit. Numerous inverter generators produce around 54 – 58 decibels of noise. This is calmer than most traditional generators which will in general produce around 64 decibels. So not much of a difference but a distinction nonetheless.


The whole thesis, in the end, boils down to this one question you need to ask yourself, “Do I want the generator I buy to power the whole house/office, or do you want it to simply power my fan or my charger? The conventional generator is the one better suited to keeping you alive and comfortable in your house in an emergency, with the ability to power the heat or air conditioner, the refrigerator, the oven, the well pump, and the water heater.

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