Kenworth T370 is ideal for achieving long-term business goals

A medium-duty truck might be what you’re looking for.  But you shouldn’t limit yourself to just any medium-duty truck.  How about buying a truck that is capable of handling an above average payload?  If you are searching for such a truck, then your search is over with the Kenworth T370. This truck will not only meet your current needs, but will also help in achieving your business goals for the future.  That’s what “future-proofing” is all about.


The T370 is known for its versatility, just like its smaller sisters, the T170 and T270.  These trucks all are designed to perform the toughest of jobs. The T370 is a class-7 model that can be customized to meet your needs, with great styling, maneuverability, and an interior that makes driving it more enjoyable.  The owner can choose from any of the Eaton Fuller 6, 9 or 10 Speed manual or automatic transmissions, as well as from the Allison 5 or 6 Speed Automatic Transmissions.

Low maintenance

When investing in commercial vehicles, many truck owners and operators are concerned about the amount of upkeep and maintenance that will be involved. When it comes to the Kenworth T370, any associated maintenance costs are minimal.  Case in point:  The PACCAR engine line.  These engines are well known for their reliability, less downtime and fewer repair costs.  Also, these engines can more easily be serviced because they are designed to be disassembled and reassembled without any difficulty.  Everything under the hood can be readily seen as the hood tilts a full 90 degrees for wide-open access to the engine and all service points.  All of the daily maintenance check points are located in one convenient, easy to reach location.

Great resale value

When investing in a truck, owners also take into consideration what the resale value of the vehicle will be.  The T370 has a high resale value, as the PACCAR engine is well known for its efficiency and high performance.  It can endure all sorts of strenuous wear & tear, and yet can continue to perform efficiently.

An increase in floor space within the truck adds more leg room and is noticeably more comfortable.  The various gauges and driver controls are free from any glare. Owners can opt for the truck in a diesel-electric version as well.  The truck is truly customizable from the ground up.  Medium-duty customers who require greater front end stability and power can now choose 18,000 lb. or 20,000 lb. front axle configurations with this popular T370 conventional.  The Kenworth T370 can be used as a mixer, dump truck, or a fuel hauler, to name just a few.  These heavy-duty options are exclusive to the T370 only.

Support and assistance

The customer support offered by Kenworth after the sale is truly impressive. You can always reach the manufacturer for any issues on or off the road.  The support team never sleeps, as they offer 24/7 availability every single day of the year.

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