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Our semi-permanent kit by LYS have been created for all those people who like to have perfect nails without spending a lot of money.
The Kit that we offer will satisfy your wishes. Thanks to their Soak-Off formula, our semi-permanent nail polish will be easy to use.
If you are wondering how to remove them, you will only need to use our polish remover.


The semi-permanent Fluo glaze Kit is part of the Smalto Semipermanente by LYS kits, created for your nails. Get ready for the summer with bright and original colors. Your nails won’t go unnoticed. Light up and heat up your days with 4 unique colors.

LYS is the first Italian brand dedicated to the revolutionary and technological cosmetics that can be found on the market. Unique and durable products that meet the needs of women who always want to be at the top.

Born from a group of experts, LYS introduces itself to the market thanks to its absolutely innovative line of self care and aestethics products. Our team of experts works every day to create professional products, suitable for all those people who want to express themselves.

From the simple and initial distribution of gel glazes, to the research and production of semi-permanent glazes and revolutionary led lamp, LYS has a mission: making women’s lives more beautiful and cool.

LYS wants to guarantee always the latest and most appreciated products. We don’t follow fashion, we anticipate it.
That’s why our products are unique. They are the result of a long study. You will be able to get an exceptional results, try to believe it!
All LYS products are thoroughly tested before the placement on the market, so our customers will always have the best quality available.
What makes us better? The constant desire to renew, to find perfection, the passion for beauty and self-care. Love yourself, that’s our philosophy, and we believe in it.

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