Sofa Fabric and Cloth Ideas

Latest Sofa Fabric and Cloth Ideas for Your Home

Plain looking sofas? Boring old dining chairs? A sense of overhanging gloom rather than vivid cheer? 

Ever thought about how a change in your upholstery can do wonders? With a dash of florals; maybe a hint of abstractions; for some, a trace of pastels; for others, a whiff of illustrations or simply, a tinge of stripes! 

Many a time’s people consider upholstery fabrics as the last touches to their décor, sometimes not even that! Ask any interior designer and they will tell you otherwise! 

Upholstery sofa fabrics remain key to your interior design; that makes or breaks the appeal of your home décor. For those of you who may not be aware, upholstery fabrics or textiles are used to cover your furniture such as your Sofa fabric, Ottoman cloth, Chair cushion or pads. They can further be used as accents on your pillow cushions we well as window curtains. 

Update your furniture with a new character with the latest sofa fabric designs from Freedom Tree; created with unique design concepts, sure to set your home apart from the rest. 

A wide range of sofa fabric design ideas from an array of patterns to choose from, i.e., Classic Designs, Romantic Florals, Striking Colours, Modern Patterns and Vintage Prints. Set in durable sofa fabric material such as Cotton (natural, soft and breathable), Tweed (textured woven fabrics with double rubs ideal for daily use) and Viscose (makes for a luxurious look while being easy on the pocket).


Floral Patterns- For the Romantic

sofa upholstery fabric

Add a floral accent to your ambience that is inspired from magical rose damasks, mesmerising panai palms, ravishing island retreats, pristine green foliage’s, tranquil kasuma prints and radiant kadamba flowers.


Illustrations – For the Unconventional At Heart

burgandy upholstery sofa fabric

Upholstery designs for the off-beat; those in love with all things quirky, i.e., hand-drawn paper cut outs or illustrations inspired from social milieus, dreamy concepts that depict the dance of the Yalis or simply a story told with graffiti’s.


Geometrical Symmetry  – For a Contemplative Space

taram sofa upholstery fabric

The abstraction of geometry; in its symmetrical illustrations don’t fight for attention. They simply blend into your interiors with a hint of individuality contributing to the aesthetics of your home.  Perfect for those who would like to lend their homes a reflective look.


Vintage Toile de Joie  – For A Timeless Appeal

temple town upholstery fabric

Classic designs of landscapes or nostalgic conventions brought forth in toile de joies depicting temple towns of the Southern India. Bring home one of these to add a refined touch to your ambience with the vintage print brought forth in peppy colours.


Tweeds – For a Dash of Debonair

blue sofa upholstery fabric

Choose from the latest sofa cloth designs – Tweeds! The tweed collection from Freedom Tree is an ode to the turn of the season, sombre textures flecked in a motely of harmonious colours. A polished elegance ideal for a semi-formal setting.


Stripes  – For a Chic Touch

horizon blue sofa upholstery fabric

The striking stripe that is yet so subtle. Muted solids contrasted with stripes created in Gingham, Chevron, Greek Keys or simply Bold Checks. Perfect for adding a touch of tradition with a twist of modern.


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