Lay Foundation of Learning from the Beginning

Award Winning Program

Toddlers or the babies age 25 months to 36 months is the perfect time to lay the foundation. During this period of time, babies get things quickly, and how you will teach your child, he/she will perform accordingly. At this age, they learn to run, jump, and walk-in a backward direction. Basically, toddlers repeat the things that they learn from you.

So, in developmental classes, they taught rhythms and basic things like saying their first and last name, pedaling a tricycle, self-feeding, and many more. The services of developmental classes in Singapore are offered at a reasonable price. And the playschools here are offering effective services to the children.

Apart from the developmental classes, the playschools also offer some free services that don’t charge any. The free things comprise of gaming and music instruments and other accessories. You can get the list of services offered by the playschools by navigating to free things to do in Singapore with toddlers

Benefits of developmental classes 

Developmental classes have a major positive effect on the future of children. These classes will make your child active and feel energetic with several fun activities. However, the developmental activities help the child to concentrate and to increase the interest in learning and reading. The major benefit is that the child will not disagree with going to school and will learn the conceptual things easily. Basically, raising a child with developmental classes in Singapore helps to increase social, emotional, and creative skills.