Liquid Damage MacBook

Liquid Damage MacBook Repair Solution

If you dropped a glass of water, fruit juice, wine, beer or worse on your MacBook … Don’t despair: your Mac can still be repaired!

Come to the laboratory as soon as possible or send us your Mac for a free quote.

You can leave your MacBook in view and we can analyze it to understand the damage it has suffered and how much a repair is worth. The estimate is free: we can, however, after an initial analysis, give an indication of the costs in order to confirm the repair.

Liquid damage is very serious and invasive because it corrodes sensitive electronic components: their repair is not however impossible.

In the laboratory, there are many cases of liquid damage: water, wine, juices, cola…. cat urine.

Even cases of damage from a liquid due to electronic cigarette smoke (vaping): some types of liquid release an oily residue in the vapor, which is sucked up by the Mac fans and accumulates over time.

The procedure for the liquid damage is always the same:

  • analysis of the logic board under a microscope looking for traces of oxide and components damaged by the liquid;
  • removal of oxidized components;
  • thorough cleaning of the card with possible ultrasonic cleaning;
  • restoration of oxidized/missing slopes;
  • welding new components;
  • Search for additional shorts with thermal imaging camera;
  • primary voltage test.

Prices and repair costs lower than those of Apple

The repair costs are significantly lower than those proposed by Apple which proceeds by replacing entire parts. Know here for the best price for Liquid damage MacBook repair

70-80% less than the Apple quote!

This is just an example of course but if you have been electrocuted by the excessive cost of the Apple quote, take a tour with us: there are not rare cases in which as a result of liquid damage we have encountered only a problem with a power button and some resistance …. repairable at very low figures!

Why all this difference in official and non-official quotes?

This happens because of the official Apple service center change entire parts without making a difference between the functioning components (healthy and not affected by the liquid) and the non-functioning ones and thus raising the intervention cost a lot.


Act immediately: before the oxide worsens the situation

In case of damage from the liquid, it is necessary to intervene as soon as possible in order to reduce the problem only to some areas, without extending it to others: therefore the ideal is to deliver or send us the Mac immediately so that we can act quickly.

Why contact us?

We repair all types of the logic of MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro both recent and dated.

And we do it: we do not turn your Mac over to someone else, the MacBook will be analyzed and repaired by us, in our laboratory.

And if the logic board is in poor condition, we can always offer a new and guaranteed logic board at the lowest possible price.

Some reasons why we should repair your Mac:

  • We carry out electronic repairs on the Mac logic board;
  • We repair what is damaged without necessarily proposing the high cost of a complete replacement;
  • We use ultrasonic cleaning machines, far superior in efficacy to the classic toothbrush & alcohol;
  • In case of liquid damage, we guarantee the intervention for 3 months.

Some of the problems we can take action on:

Contact us as soon as possible for a quote

Why choose us.

  • Our prices are affordable. Definitely lower than Apple. But not at the expense of the quality of the intervention;
  • We have a spare parts warehouse: this means that we can often repair your Mac quickly;
  • We use grade A + parts. And if the spare part is no longer in production or the customer wants to save, we can find a used spare part in perfect condition at a lower price;
  • We can repair the logic boards instead of replacing them in bulk since we carry out electronic repairs.
  • We will repair your Mac in our laboratory. We have the skills. We do not entrust your Mac to anyone else.
  • We work throughout Italy by courier;
  • We are clear and honest about both interventions and prices;
  • Free analysis and estimate.