Marketing 101 for your house cleaning business

Marketing 101 for your house cleaning business

The job of a house cleaner may seem relatively simple and straightforward to an outsider. After all, the job description is right in the job title itself – you clean houses. But the reality is your job involves a number of other important things as well, we know that.

Getting long term clients is not easy and sometimes your job may not be taken as seriously by some clients or they may ask you extra favors that were not agreed upon in the contract. To solve all such work issues and annoyances, you need to brand yourself appropriately. This can be done with a well thought out marketing strategy. We have gathered some easy to implement, but important tips for you that can help you tackle such problems.

Understand your business

The heading might seem a bit silly to you. Of course, you understand your business, you are the one who launched it in the first place!

Here we are trying to point at something very specific: what is it that you have to offer and why would someone want to avail it? Having a clear cut list of services your cleaning business performs is ideal. In practice though, your customer may ask you to do an extra – although menial – task or try to get concessions by pointing out flaws in your work and so on. How will you deal with unexpected situations such as these? Before you lunch a campaign, you must give serious thought to the core of the value to your business and what type of image you would like to give off.

Once this step is done, you need to identify your market and how you can better cater to them. Identifying your target market can be done in multiple ways. If you are an established business or have been around long enough to have a client base, you should start by taking into account your current customer base. If you launched recently, analyze the specific cleaning services you give and think hard about what kinds of clients would want them and why.

Now understand your competitor

This next step could be easy or difficult based on how many competitors you have and how far ahead of you they are. You need to research the competitors in all the locations you extend your house cleaning services to and do a thorough comparison. You have already identified the services you give so this should be easy. How similar are your services to your competitors? Do you offer any unique services that set you apart from your competitors? If so, what are those? Does your competitor have any unique services?

These are only some of the questions you should be searching for answers for when looking up competitors. Answers to these questions will help you understand better where you stand and how you can improve yourself. Above all, identifying your strong points will help you in creating a brand out of your house cleaning business.

Give your customer a persona

This is a potentially tricky task if not done carefully. Though once you have a customer persona right down to the last detail, you will be able to create a plan that will greatly enhance your sales. But for that, it is important to understand what a realistic customer persona is.

The first thing to keep in mind is that your target market is not the same as your customer persona. The former is very broad and sometimes can have people who have common characteristics with your customers but would not be interested in your service. Customer persona can be thought of as being more intimate. It takes into account the thinking, expectations, and personal histories of your customer.

Once you have the persona in mind, your marketing can help you forge solid relations with your clients so that they avail of your service again and again.

Be discoverable

Is it easy for your clients to find you? How and where do you advertise your cleaning services? Many companies run advertisements on TV, some prefer to publish in the newspaper, and so on. These are the traditional methods of reaching customers and are not very specific. It is a hit or miss case depending on your luck. A smarter way to penetrate your audience is to invest digitally.

As a house cleaning and maintenance service, we can assume your clients can afford an internet connection and a smartphone at the very least. This means they can surf the internet, access your website, and social media platforms as well. With this in mind, if you still don’t plan on having a strong digital presence, you are missing out on a huge clientele.

Already have a website? Good. Now you need to make sure it is discoverable as well. A strong web marketing strategy must be diligently followed to appear first as soon as someone looks up for the cleaning services that you offer.

Have a logo

Do your customers have a visual to associate you with? The human brain is better at remembering visuals as compared to textual material. Think about it: you see the red, glowing, Mc Donald’s M and you instantly know what it is.  If you want to build a strong relationship with your customers, you will inevitably need to attach their sentiments with your business as well. There is no better way to do this than through a logo.

The right logos design makes use of a number of elements such as color psychology, slogans or taglines, imagery, and symbolism. Smart use of these will create a logo that will catch every onlooker’s attention and become memorable. Above all, your ultimate goal of making a brand out of your cleaning service will also be achieved over time as people experience your service and begin to associate their sentiments with the logo.

Track your results

How do you know if your efforts are bearing fruit or not? The best way to find out if your marketing campaign is working is by keeping track of the results. You can use tools such as Google Analytics for websites, Facebook insights for your phrasebook page, and email tracking metrics to find out how well your email marketing is working.


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