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Best Approach for Mobile App Development Hybrid or Native App

We live in age where innovation and innovation alone is the key to a profitable business and what better way to bring innovation than through a mobile app.

Today mobile apps alone are the sole way that businesses can gain more customers and make more profits thereby making the same a very profitable and promising solution for businesses at large. Let us observe how.

Statistical Figures Suggesting Profitable Scope of Mobile Apps

According to reports, the smartphone market is predicted to reach a market volume of 1.654 billion by 2022 and the number of smartphone users would cross the three billion mark around the same year. This goes onto suggest the overall profitable, promising and flourishing scope of mobile apps on a whole.

However, when it comes to building a mobile app, the major challenge faced by businesses is how best they can capture the attention of the users and make a choice between hybrid or native apps for the same.

Now let us understand the definition of both after which we would make a comparison between the two.

Definition of Hybrid and Native Apps

Hybrid Apps

Hybrid apps are basically those apps where the apps get created for different platforms. This includes iOS, Android, Windows, etc. in simple words, hybrid apps are an amalgamation of native and web apps into one.

Native Apps

Native apps are those apps that work solely on one single platform. In other words, while building the native app, mobile app developers need to create different versions of the app for different systems.

So now that you know the meaning of these two kinds of apps, let us compare the two now and try understanding which is a better choice during the process of mobile app development.

Comparison between Hybrid App Development and Native App Development

  1. Hybrid apps can be built for any platform from one single code itself thereby making it cheaper to build in comparison to native apps
  2. Due to hybrid apps being built with the latest technology like HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, it becomes possible to build the app to working prototype and thereafter is fast to build in comparison to the native apps
  3. In terms of maintenance, hybrid apps are a winner. In other words, hybrid app development ensures that the app is faster to load in comparison to the native apps.
  4. In terms of performance and user experience however native apps emerge a winner solely because these apps work in a way consistent with respective platforms and support platform-centric features, thereafter.

Concluding thereby, while making a choice between the types of app development method you should practice. In other words, if you have to make a choice between native and hybrid apps, make sure to keep these 4 points strictly in mind. These will thereafter help and assist you choose the one suiting your needs thereby promising you of more customers and more profits.