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The Aspire Cleito 120 Tank, an improvement on the first Cleito, belongs to the haute couture of vape manufacturing. Its lines remind me of that little black dress no woman would be without; simple and elegant, timeless. The fact that Aspire backs the Cleito with their excellent reputation gives the vaper confidence in its quality too.
Unprotected, Uncovered Tank
A number of companies are making tanks specifically for mods that will protect them inside the chassis or using a collar. The Cleito is transparent, not covered by a sleeve, so that would be a fabulous application if possible.
Aspire works with sturdy materials, though, so the Pyrex glass is reinforced and shatter-proof. As long as you are not throwing it around like a toy, this should be durable, and stainless steel top and bottom parts help to protect the edges.
Sensible Filling Format

When a vaper can fill his tank from the top, this also eliminates a time in the day when his tank is more vulnerable than otherwise. The more times you unthread a tank to refill it, the more stress you place on the glass by rethreading and potentially overtightening it, but this is a top-fill system.
Not only does that prevent accidents, but it also simplifies the refill process. Close all valves, drip in a maximum of 4 ml, and you’re done. The top parts are knurled for easy gripping and removal.
Large E Juice Tank
That’s right, 4 ml as opposed to 3.5 ml; the Aspire Cleito 120 Tank is even more generous than before, but it’s not as tall as I imagined. Aspire decided to provide a wider base, so the tank itself is relatively short at just 58 mm tall. Width is 25 mm. A wide-bore tip makes the tank appear even wider.
Definitive Delrin Drip Tip
Where many firms have stylized their mouthpieces, Aspire maintains a steady course. Why fix a feature that is working so well? The material is an insulator so vapers do not feel the sting of hot vapor on their mouths. It will be warm going down, but the wide mouth dissipates some heat without letting flavor go flat.

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