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What is the RUN HEALTHY project?RUN HEALTHY was born with the aim of improving the performance of runners taking care of their health. The premise is to learn to train and run in a healthy way. The system is based on the training methodology designed by JA Redolat (Chief Coach of the project). This method is designed from the experience as an athlete , as a coach and supported by many years of study.”You do not have to train always strong, you must respect the recovery sessions””The goal is not to be able to run a year, it’s to be able to run for a lifetime.”
Your personal trainerJose Antonio Redolat Jose Antonio Redolat was an elite athlete getting 800ML marks (1’45”39); 1,500ML (3’31”21); 3000ML (7’46”00); 5000ML (13’23”14). Champion of Europe, Olympic and 6th of the world.After his retirement from the high competition began to train as a coach and direct the trainings of runners . After 8 years, runners of all levels have passed through their hands , from initiation to elite athletes.The athleticism has always been his passion to which he has dedicated his life. This has led to the reading and study of countless articles and papers by world-class authors such as Daniels, Salazar, O’Colle, Coe, Ceratty, Blagrove, Sullivan, Parker, Canova, Johnson, Gaudette, etc.The result of his experience as a coach and athlete , combined with the knowledge gained from the study for many years, has been able to develop a methodology of training itself, which has been able to contrast and go profiling with hundreds of athletes, where the bottom line is the care of the athlete, adapting and individualizing the training to minimize the risk of injuries and take it to its objectives.
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