What is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is mainly caused as a result of extreme stress. War, rape, natural disaster, plane crash, car accident, violent assault, kidnapping and different forms of physical abuse are some of the events that instigates the PTSD and their associated symptoms. However, it’s not necessary that the people who have experienced the catastrophe personally are the only ones who are vulnerable to this disorder. Instead anyone who has witnessed the event or have collected the pieces later such as law enforcement officials and emergency workers may also develop post-traumatic stress disorder.

It is very common for individuals who suffer from PTSD to avoid reminders or discussions of casual trauma. Most patients will sometimes go to great lengths to avoid the memories which stirs the thoughts and feelings of the trauma. They may withdraw from social interaction or display other behavioral changes which disrupts their daily routines. They may become unresponsive to an event or even the present. They sometimes also experience lack of interest or participation in normal activities.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, medical studies have shown that continued elevated levels of stress hormones may lead to anxiety or depression. When we feel overwhelmed by circumstances, we begin to experience a perpetual stress response. This is mostly true when circumstances are not within our control or when a stressful situation is ongoing such as death in the family, accident or illness of a loved one etc.

Individuals suffering from PTSD are more likely to start treatment with a professional diagnosis. Treatment involves counseling sessions to help the patient talk about their traumatic experience. In some cases, hypnotherapy is included for patients who suffer extremely painful events and can’t talk about it. The thing is no 2 people are the same and so by working with a professional you will be given a suitable treatment to help you.

PTSD is serious life threatening and affects every aspect of a sufferer’s life. It can also have far reaching effects on family members and work colleagues. It is for this reason that it needs to be treated properly, carefully and effectively as soon as it is diagnosed. In many cases family members also receive counselling so that they also get the help they need to cope with their loved ones’ symptoms and understand what they are going through. Unfortunately, this can be a very difficult and trying time for the entire family and this is why it is very important to get the right kind of help.

Post-traumatic stress disorder may cause a person to feel skeptical about things around themselves and other such consequences. Patients should try to explore their feelings and thoughts related to trauma. Feelings of mistrust, self-blame and guilt should be dealt with. Needless to say, they must know how to keep a check on their intrusive memories. Again if symptoms are creating any disruptions in their relationships they must recognize it and make every effort to solve it.

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