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Our life is unpredictable. Sometimes it makes us nervous, all too often we have to work hard mentally and physically, and at times people need to restore their sexual energy. Where to take power from? Mental food of course matters, but a student, for instance, will not pass exam taking meals consisting of books and magazines. Just the same, a sportsman will not have a productive training on an empty belly. Despite the huge diversity of diets advertised now and then in every blog, magazine or TV program, there are certain products that are like a magic wand can help you in a particular life situation.

Coffee before physical exercises

It is all about caffeine. For one thing, we owe to this substance our working capacity and stamina. For another thing, to get energy, caffeine makes human muscles burn off fat not starches. If somebody rails against coffee saying it may be harmful to people suffering from hypertension, I will adduce counter arguments. It has been scientifically proved that drinking coffee regularly has nothing to do with high blood pressure So, drink coffee in good health, especially before physical exercises.

Chocolate milk after physical exercises

Turns out, a cute bunny from Nesquik commercial was right – chocolate milk is not only yummy but very useful as well. This drink contains an ideal rate of proteins and starches that makes chocolate milk irreplaceable product to recreate yourself after strenuous work in a gym. A glass of tasty chocolate milk – isn’t it a good motivation to work out?

Oatmeal and oranges before mental activity

Prepping for exam, job interview or very important conference at work? One way or another, you need to eat a plate of cereal with oranges. Don’t believe? Here are some scientific facts. A serve of oatmeal normalizes blood sugar level and helps to calm down while orange contains vitamin C that suppresses stress hormone. In combination, they work like well-oiled machine: orange eases the nervous and cereal makes your brain work. What else is needed for success at work or studies?

Chocolate when in depression

This is not a myth or latrine rumor invented by chocolate makers to boost profit from selling chocolate. Choc is really a natural counterdepressant with fatty acids stimulating endorphins production. If you are down in the dumps have some chocolate. Although you may not be jumping over the moon, but it will definitely cheer you up.

Herbal tea before flight

Flying is not a luxury any more. These days air travels are a customary and sometimes indispensable part of our modern life. Still, possible negative influences caused by pressure bumps are inevitable. Dehydration is one of them. To travel by air without harmful consequences for your organism, drink herbal tea before every flight. It prevents prom de-watering and, added to everything else, calms you down.

So whatever situation life has in store for you, these simple and affordable products will always help you to be ahead of the game.

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