Provide Durability And Safely Transit Your Valuables By Using High Strength Corrugated Boxes

Avail opportunity to make your fragile and brittle items safe using highly protective corrugated boxes for them. Thick material with flutes inside the cardboard is a special material having strong tear resistant features. We at provide you corrugated boxes in different styles and designs with a product-specific shape. Make it in any design using die cut techniques and special finishing options. You can also add a transparent patch on the top of your Window Corrugated Boxes which will allow the consumer to see the inside product without opening the box. Creative designs and style for your corrugated box will allow you to enhance your product shelf life and also promote your brand effectively.

Sturdy Boxes To Carry Heavy Items

GlobalCustomPackaging offer special quality cardboard material boxes in which multiple cardboard sheets are stacked together with flutes in them to make a high strength corrugated material. It is so strong that it can bear a load of heavy appliances and electronics easily. Get your Custom made corrugated boxes in unique opening and closure styles with special add-ons and finishing options. Our free design support will let you design the custom Boxes with Logo exactly according to your demand. Our experts also help the customer in achieving the desired design of the box which they have imagined. Moving boxes are made with recycled material which is also biodegradable in nature. We also provide no harm to the environment during the manufacturing of the corrugated boxes and are leading boxes manufacturer in the United States.

Durable And Luxury Boxes Of Corrugated Material

Besides durability and strength of the corrugated boxes, we also make them with shiny appearance to reflect a positive impression of your products. Our retail boxes are made with special finishing options which include gold foiling, silver foiling an aqueous coating to make the tailor-made boxes according to the product specifications. We provide die line template of the samples to the client before starting the manufacturing of the Custom Made Boxes. Get a special discount on wholesale orders and other extra benefits using our services. White and brown corrugated boxes are specially made for delivery and postage purposes. They are capable of carrying your products safely over long distances and are sturdy enough to prevent your product from external damage. Avail our services to get free shipping of your wholesale boxes in the United States. Call us for order at (425) 223-3999 or you can mail us at for any inquiry.

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