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In the year 2003 WordPress was first introduced. Its use limited to blogging. People love using WordPress for sharing and writing blogs on various topics. The advent of time. It turned out to be a commercial platform. According to the scenario which prevails in 2005, people use to create a template with hand-coded HTML. They make a copy of a static website and somehow made it compatible with WordPress. Well, this practice was not so cool, but still, it worked.

The time arrived, when WordPress had started entering into the business community. It has introduced skilled tools that provide all the communication requirements for any type of business. Statistics show that currently, it is one of the most used CMS to develop websites. Even it will be more than 27% of all the websites on the internet. And, this PSD to WordPress Conversion has brought break-through in the field of website designing.

Why is PSD to WordPress conversion trending?

WordPress provides a strong platform combining with amazing features. Also, help developers to make a website having rich, flexible, SEO friendly. And, so many businesses these days look for PSD to WordPress Conversion Services to grow more. Let’s discuss some of the advantages and perceptions trending in the marketing this post.

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I am going to share a few perceptions those are trending these days in the market.

First, let’s have a quick look on advantages of PSD to WordPress conversation:

  • It will give you Pixel Perfect

This type if layout translates each pixel of the design into an unblemished HTML web page. Additionally, it converts this web page into a perfect WordPress theme. offers varied paid and free themes. All these themes are useful, and slicing can be done without any kind of loss of pixel in the design. In the market, certain tools are also available to check the perfect pixels.

  • Responsive Design And Cross-Browser Compatibility

WordPress is providing a great feature of the responsive design. That means your website will amend to all type of screen sizes. In the age of mobile, also Google made it a compulsion to go responsive. Also, the other advantage of PSD to WordPress is cross-browser compatibility. What actually developer do then, use suitable code structure according to design and then it becomes easy to work on the varied browser.

  • One of the most favourite CMS, Simple To Use And Commercial

Why people love WordPress than any other CMS platform. It is because simple to use, manage and update content without any kind of support. This feature makes it most favourite amongst users. Also, commercial use is an add-on feature.

  • Theme Customization

Theme customization is again another exciting feature. You can add them according to your need along with options and feature that are available. And, this is not so painful for your pocket too. Theme customization can bring an amazing user experience. That will make your rare visitors your regular customers.

  • E-commerce Integration

There are various types of e-commerce plugins are available with WordPress. You can integrate these plugins with varied payments gateways that can be used to take orders. Besides, you can also work out well with added modules and inbuilt marketing tools.

So far, advantages concerned.PSD to WordPress conversion is ample of advantages. And, this is because of the marvellous features provided by WordPress.

Next part of this blog will make understand about why PSD to WordPress is so much preferred by developers, designers, and clients. And, when consider developers and designers for this task. The very necessary part that we can’t ignore is a hired expert WordPress developer.

First, let’s have a look on few perceptions prevail for PSD to WordPress conversion before you hire expert WordPress Developer:

  • It understands your needs

The vital reason for the PSD to WordPress conversion is to have a desirable plan. These can highlight and features you have for your site. This skill combines the expertise two minds; to be a very precise developer or designer should know Photoshop and Wardress. At the start, you make the brief idea of the described structure of your site and then after; start creating a site using WordPress. The main point here is that it is not always required to have sound knowledge of coding for this task.

  • Always request for the Sample

Before starting work. Ask for the Sample. This is very good practice so you can examine and test know-how as well as judge how quality work they will give you.

  • Insist for Latest Technology

WordPress is a simple yet noteworthy platform. Always go for the latest technologies and also insist developer or designer use same. Check whether the company can go for new update and technology. In any case, in future, if any revamp required, it doesn’t affect PSD to WordPress Conversion.

  • Go Ahead

Once you are ok with all quality checks as listed above. Make a perfect plan and give it to an appropriate firm. Also, make sure the website created should be enough to fulfil terms and conditions of W3C standards.

Every new technology is having some common set of Myths that you might have heard often about WordPress. But, let me clear air. Some myths are wrong. Let’s check:

Set Aside Your Myths you might have heard so far

  • Low Traffic

Myth: WordPress cannot be able to handle high traffic. Such sites hang-up when more traffic comes.

Truth: Websites don’t hang-up. Instead, you can have your own site on a much-protected server and can save all data in the server to unknot such issues.

  • WordPress is not made for e-commerce sites

Myth: WordPress is always considered for blogging. And, it can’t be used for e-commerce sites.

Truth: WordPress is an incontestable CMS equipped with a set of web-based business modules. That makes it more ideal for organizations.

  • Conversion of PSD to Good can be possible only for small-scale businesses

Myth: WordPress is only available for independent services.

Truth: The above statement is actually very wrong. Various noticeable brands such as Disney, Best buy are using this functionality nowadays, and also it helps to grow their business too.

So, with these, I am concluding that apart from its myths, some issues on dealing with hiring an expert for PSD to WordPress conversion. I would like to say only one thing. Today, PSD to WordPress is trending like anything in the market.


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