Reading-Writing Tips for SAT test

There are many students aspiring to sit for the SAT exam for the very first time and do not know what it is all about, what kind of approach to be taken and how to score high marks. High scores are very much crucial, since it is on the basis of the marks that the students will be able to enroll with the top ratted colleges in the region and abroad. Scoring low will only mean they have to be satisfied with joining the lesser known colleges.

Taking help of the sat institutes

The reputed coaching centers in the domain can help the students to prepare thoroughly and to write and read properly the language. Language and writing test evaluates the individual’s ability to study, edit and revise the different topics. There are in total 4 passages with each having 11 questions. The timeframe provided to complete them is 35 minutes.

Reading passages

This test comes with varied range as well as be different from each other in content and format. The passage topics are likely to be taken from Social Studies / History, Science passages, career passages and Humanities. For better understanding and to be more specific, the texts have been classified into three heads given below:

  • Narrative nonfiction passage: They are similar to story reading that is generally conducted at high school. The story needs to have clear starting, body and ending.
  • Argument passages: Such passages take strong position as well as take facts for supporting any claim.
  • Explanatory or informative passages: They aim towards imparting students with the knowledge of any given topic.

Good coaching centers are sure to help the students with the passages and clearing them to get high scores.

About Questions

Questions are categorized generally into two broad categories, namely:

  • Standard English convention related questions: They basically are grammar-related questions which are designed to test the communication skills of the students.
  • Expression of ideas and questions: These are considered to be the questions which help the students to improve communication effectiveness in a writing piece.

Answering strategies:

There are present few questions that rely heavily upon passages. So the student is required to study a lot at the time of giving the test, prior to marking the answers. At times, there may be no questions, however, the options are likely to be provided. The test taker is to understand the available options, so as to identify the sentences that are grammatically correct from the given choice.

Charts, graphs, and tables have been introduced in the SAT Exam which will be related to the passage. Besides providing details within the passage, they are also likely to come with additional useful information. This information will be required by the students to answer specific questions and score high.

Therefore, the sat prep classes offered by the top coaching centers can be more than handy and beneficial for those aspiring to clear it in the very first attempt. Besides gaining immense knowledge of the different subjects, the students will also be able to boost their success rate and develop more confidence in themselves.

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