Restaurants and Bars in Stockholm

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In any of these bars and restaurants in Stockholm it will be as easy to order a cocktail as to enjoy a succulent 3-course dinner

If you fancy a sophisticated dish of French cuisine, head for the Marseillaise to the brewery known as Brasserie Le Rouge, or go for Bistro Sud located at number 8a of Swedenborgsgatan Street to savor something more classic. The Och Himlen Dartill is a bar located on the top floor where you can contemplate splendid views of the city and the Ljunggren located at No. 36 Gotgatan Street is a node frequented by members of the press where food is served Japanese You can also visit the Pubologi and sit down to eat at its long community tables, or opt for the cold bar of the Restaurant AG where you can enjoy some great tapas and a good wine that is sold by the glass. Another good option that will not leave you disappointed is the bar Marie Lave au.

Jewels by the sea

The Bar Cadier is the bar of the Grand Hotel and, of course, brims with a classic style on all four sides. Go to the Eriks Gondolen bar to enjoy from the top of great views of the city of Stockholm, or decide for Lydmar for the maximum in refinement and good taste. Another option is the Bar Orangeriet in summer and the BAR, which is a cross between seafood, aquarium and coffee bar.

The center favorites

Grill is a very popular themed site, owned by the famous chef Melker Andersson and the Scandic Grand Central Bar are the most recent landmarks in the city. Guldbaren; located in the Hotel Nobis, serves cocktails whose recipes have won numerous awards and 1900 / Kaken is the favorite hideaway of those progressive and elegant residents of Stockholm who love their typical Swedish dishes accompanied by excellent offers in cocktails.

Bars and restaurants in the center of the city

If you want to savor traditional seasonal dishes with a touch of class go to Museet. For those who love meat, you should not miss the Vassa Eggen restaurant or the Zink Grill

Bistro Jarl serves the best raraka (Swedish dish based on caviar and potato pancake) throughout the city. Riche is the favorite place in Stockholm to meet people and get noticed. You can also go to Sturehof, which is a reliable and refined institution of great renown in Stockholm. The Story Hotel attracts the most modern people and the Berns surprises for its versatility thanks to its acclaimed / and nightclub, typical cafeteria menus and great Asian cuisine.

The most frequented site in Sodermalm? Without a doubt the Urban Deli. It has cache It has March. And it is the place where the clients are so relaxed that they have little to do lying around. Urban Deli is the most there is in Stockholm in terms of the retro-funky atmosphere of Sodermalm. This site of the algid meeting housed in a concrete and steel building has it all. In fact, it is a meeting bar, a place to dine, a set of restaurants and an organic vegetable shop all in one.

Helpful tips

Delight your palate with a husmanskost (traditional Swedish dish) of the highest quality in two of the favorite classic institutions of the residents: the Pelikan and Kvarnen breweries, both in Sodermalm.


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