The Smart Personal Tracking System to Protect Your Loved Ones

Roadpoint Limited personal GPS tracking system in India helps you know where your loved ones are and are alerted if they go far or to any unauthorized zone- right from an app on your Smartphone or via webmail on your desktop. Stay stress-free knowing that your loved ones are completely safe.

protect your loved ones
protect your loved ones

When the term personal tracking system is mentioned, what comes to your mind? A GPS tracker device that offers a protection internet to our loved ones, to folks who are stricken by disability, to parents who are worried about their kids, a concerned partner who fears why his/her companion is not domestic yet, an agency who wishes to keep a track on its employees if they are in reality doing their jobs. Whatever the purpose is you can discover a non-public tracking device mainly designed to fit you.


The ultra-modern innovations in era have added sturdy GPS tracking device with various functions like portability, person-pleasant, compact, verbal exchange help and various others. A personal tracking device is possibly an ideal way for families and caregivers to keep a track of their cherished ones. At Road point Limited we stock a number of GPS gadgets to provide you unique location and actual-time mobility of the individual that is sporting the tracker. There’s an SOS call button for emergency situations, 3 call buttons, MIC, earpiece, led and other required capabilities that ship you all of the information and signals for your cellular telephones through a clever app.

Personal tracking device offers you and potential to find every other character, object or factor and gets information from the GPS satellite community in the area. It may be a useful item in a state of affairs wherein a baby, any visitor, person with a disability, even your luggage even as touring, or any precious item goes missing as those gadgets also can serve you the history of locations and additionally the real-time movements to present you peace of thoughts.

You may additionally use unique mapping software to create a geo-fence or digital perimeter on the map, whilst the individual carrying the tool either leaves or enters that perimeter, a notification can be dispatched to a specific telephone number or email through a textual content message. This makes monitoring extra handy and keeps your pressure free. All of the tracking records is actual-time and stores the records of a region on our database for later retrieval when wanted. Emergency SOS button may be set to inform up to five predetermined numbers via SMS alert. The notification is immediately and additionally tells the time and address from where the SOS turned into generated. In case you want to realize extra approximately our device touch us now, we would love to help you.

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