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Sports wagering, or sports betting, is a run of the mill form of gambling in most places around the world. In Europe, Australia and some parts of Canada, betting on sports event is nothing out of the ordinary. However, the government of the United States has imposed a ban on all forms of Internet gambling, including but not limited to casinos and sports betting. Read on to find out the current status of sports wagering inside the US both offline and online, and how a lot of people are still able to get away with it.

Status of Sports Wagering Offline

Although betting on sporting events such as NBA, NFL and Super Bowl are thoroughly illegal in the US, places like Nevada are still swarming with big-pocket bettors. Some people say that more than $200 billion is cashed in and out through sports betting annually. But due to the fact that it is mostly done secretly, it’s hard to estimate how much money is really funneled through such activities. Needless to say, it seems as though the widely known ban of sports wagering in the USA is highly overrated, and hardly anyone is following it at all.

US Football Wagering, for one, is still operational and seemingly unstoppable. The reason behind that is football is the major sport played throughout United States. And let’s face it: A large majority of football fans enjoy the game even more when real money is at stake.

Status of Sports Wagering Online

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act or SAFE Port Act of 2006 brought an end to all forms of gambling on the Internet that involves people inside the United States. Apparently not even wagering on sports was able to escape from it. After this act passed the congress, online betting websites were shut down, and new ones were no longer granted permit to operate.

Nonetheless, numerous websites are able to circumvent this issue and find loopholes on UIGEA. Internet betting did take a hit on its market, but most betting portals remained intact and untouchable. To compensate for their losses in potential market, these websites resorted to sports betting bonus as bait.

How Are Bettors Able to Get Away With This?

For some people, wagering on sports may seem like a crime, but for other’s it may not. It is only a point of fact that not all people take the law seriously, and they only see it as a challenge. Provoked by the various enforcement acts on offline and online sports event betting, bookies simply improve their reconnaissance tactics.

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