Top 10 Emerging Technologies That You Must Know

Technology plays a crucial role in various facets of our life, or perhaps all. It has revolutionized the world to such an extent that thinking about a world without it gives us goosebumps. We hear the news of continuous advancement from agriculture to businesses to energy. Keeping up with the technology is important because it will allow us to grow as an individual and as an entity with the latest devices and software. This tech advancement is making us more efficient, flexible and productive which is reciprocating in the form of improved lives, work environment and planet. Learning about the emerging technology could help us to gear upon them which are going to affect our lives within the few next years. The top ten emerging technologies that you must know are detailed below.

1) Accelerating Use of Cloud Technology

The technological advancement has shifted business to adopt the cloud technology. If you are someone who has been living in a cave perhaps and hasn’t heard of it then it is a technology that allows businesses to store data and information over the internet also for the website makers in Karachi. It allows sharing of data, no matter on which part of the earth you reside. Businesses and individuals are adopting it because of the benefits it provides in terms of agility, business scalability, flexibility and high ROI. It has also provided a world full of whole new job opportunities, services, application and more. The future of cloud computing is powerful because of its cost-effectiveness and accessibility far superior to the current technology.

2) Powered Exoskeletons

The powered exoskeleton is the technology that is changing the lives in a surprising way. It is one of the best inventions in the medical devices that are assisting soldiers in carrying heavy loads, to aid the victims of stroke, traumatic brain wound, and spinal cord injury get back up on their feet. Although it cost is pretty high at the moment, it is said to decline within the coming years. It allows the paraplegic to stand and move, do exercise and live a healthier lifestyle. More advancement in exoskeleton is on its way that could change the world.

3) Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT has a great effect on the business and individual concept of a work environment. It shows no sign of slowing down as it provides smart and digitalized objects having chips attached to interact with people in a more connected way. The efficiency and convenience provided by IoT in automating the business processes and incremental improvement are set to reach new heights in the coming year.

4) Digital Twin

Digital Twin is basically a virtual model that facilitates the process, product or service. It allows analyzing and monitoring the processes and plan out a solution to a problem before it even occurs. It basically bridges the gap between the physical and digital world. the sensors collect the data which is connected to a cloud-based technology which processes the supplied data. It works out the opportunities, roadmaps, and lessons in the virtual environment which can be applied to the real world. The digital twin is also transforming the business by studying the nonphysical objects such as predicting the customer behaviour. It is expected to further spur the development of both physical system and consumer choice modelling.

5) Blockchain Technology

One of the technologies that you must know is blockchain. It has made the transferring of data easy as it allows verification of data without human intervention. It is a sequential, distributed ledger of transaction that is updated on the global network of computers. It is a tamper-proof technology uses vast amounts of computing power to encrypt the ledger written. It allows an automated foundation of trust in the supply chain for all the parties. Record keeping is simplified into a single authoritative view of transactions of the parties reducing the cost that incurred initially. Companies using blockchain can increase their efficiency and productivity by eliminating friction and the intermediary bodies through smart contacts based on programmable logic. With increasing cybersecurity issues, don’t be surprised to see the more transformation in it in 2018.

6) A Real-life Tricorder

Does the word tricorder ring some bell in your brain? Yes, it is the same tricorder used is Star Trek. A tricorder is a medical device that checks the patient’s vital and diagnoses the disease. The device is in progress and a competition for $10million is going on to develop a device that could study the patient’s blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, as well as HIV, shingles and more. If it gets developed then it will greatly advance the medical field. Let’s see where this competition goes and to what an extent device performs.

7) Brain control computers

Yes, you read it right. The brain control computers are emerging to allow the individuals to control the devices without using their arms and legs. It is invented to allow paralyzed people a way to control the things with their thoughts. It uses a brain user interface that integrates the thoughts to every technology that we use. It processes the brain data inside a device that is connected to the skull and wired to electrodes inside the brain. The device has not yet been commercialized because more work is to take place in order to improve the lives.

8) Face Recognition

The face recognition software’s have reached an incredible new height. It has been developed as a solution to the security and privacy issues. It is now incorporated into every device making it a mainstream trend. It is expected that it will replace the cash and credit cards and payments will then be made just by the face. It is making great strides towards enhancing the security in the years to come.

9) Augment and Virtual Reality

The Augment and Virtual reality are capturing the public attention by integrating the real world with the virtual world. This will allow businesses to have the capacity to study the real world objects with over graphical representation and provide better effective solutions. The computer generates an environment with audio which coincides with what you see. Similar applications and devices exist already on the smartphone such as iPhone. The technology is being used in the disciplines such as healthcare, public safety, tourism and marketing, the coming year is bound to provide these devices with better setup and usage.

10) Adaptive Security Architecture

The technological advancement is exposing us to new challenges such as cyber threats. The sensitive information that exists on the cloud-based database is a big concern for individuals. It necessitates the evolution of adaptive security architecture for its protection. The solutions are being provided with ASA include real-time monitoring, filtering and prioritizing and further reducing the threat amplification. It is said to take the cybersecurity level to the next level in 2018.

These ten technologies are set to transform the world in the coming year. In this era, technological development is accelerating and it is essential for individuals and business alike to know the emerging technologies to be responsiveness enough which will help us get to the top.

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