Top Companies of the World in CPG’s Industry Recommendation 2018

CPG is a big industry and its importance increasing day by day just because of the awareness increasing in the consumers that they want to see a product in a good way! We all know there are so many companies all over the globe work in their territory to develop a packaging business and make its significance on the companies as well as on the consumers. The good packaging will always assist to grab attention of the consumers. It does not mean that packaging is only in need of big companies of the world but also a part of every small or big company in the market. That is why, people are moving towards the good packaging to grab the attention of the customers by keeping it on the first shelve.  People in every part of the world has one thing to see before the product that is its packaging. We all love to take back a good package which looks good to others and to us. Just like custom Kraft boxes and die cut Kraft boxes are the mainstream packaging boxes and in a big amount people love it hence companies like to work on the best custom Kraft boxes and die cut Kraft boxes.

Here are the best companies in the world:

  • OXO Packaging
  • Amcor
  • The International Paper

OXO Packaging

People of the USA love to get their products packaged by OXO Packaging and their demand is too high in the USA market. People who know about the packaging industry knows the worth of OXO Packaging. They have mastered in every type packaging and people do not hesitate to give their orders to OXO Packaging. Customized packaging is the best you will see at OXO Packaging. CPG’s choice is OXO Packaging.


The company has a huge introduction in the market and people love to see this company everywhere. Amcor is another of the leading packaging solutions in the USA market. They are one of the favorite company for CPG’s industry.

The International Paper

It is one of the most liked company in USA and people loves to work with them and want to give them more business as it is also one of the trustworthy company in the market.

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