Few Trends in Web Designing That Has Improved Over the Years

The constant change in the world concerning technology has completely revolutionized the world we live it to a great extent. Major changes are observed in the educational sector, business sector and more. However, the dependence of all sectors on the online platform is equivalent. Though it is an online education provider or a product distributor, they all require a website for functioning. A website is one the major components that play its role in the success of a product or service. Therefore, a significant amount of time and money is invested to come up with an innovative and creative website. The element of web design is what makes a site compelling for the users. The constant changes in web designing trends are observed because of the experimentation that could happen to it. This article adds to your knowledge the trends which have led to the evolvement of the web design by detailing down some trends which have improved with the years gradually.

Responsive Web Design

It is the most important development that has taken place in the web design. It benefits user and service providers both alike as users are able to easily access the sites regardless of the device used. It ensures the users on the website gain an optimal viewing experience by providing ease in reading, navigating on the website with less of resizing, panning, and scrolling

Mobile First Approach

Businesses are now adopting a mobile-first approach. For this, designers have to work on real small UI real estate, which allows them to focus on the most crucial information that we want to infuse in the website. This eradicates all the content that is excessive making the site more focused on what actually is needed.

Use of Animation

The trend of using animation on the website is gaining popularity. These are more dynamic in having an impact and let the user remember what the business is about. These animations can depict the story behind your brand and can also be helpful in evoking user’s emotions. They add an element of creativity to your website and make it intriguing for the customer which increases the web conversion rate

Use of  Voice User Interface

The web designing is set to induce the voice user interface which is also referred to as the natural language processing. This lets the user search the website using their own voice. The web designs now created can now perform complex voice commands.

Increased Functionality

The web designs are increasing in functionality as they cater to every need that a user might have. The increase in functionality is through the use of content that answers every possible question in the head of the user. The web design now encompasses the online transaction, customer service, product descriptions and more to increase the website functionality

These are the few trends that have improved over the years in web designing. It is expected that web designing is set to reach new heights within the coming years as it is determined to change the way interactions take place on the websites and on the online platform as a whole. Lets’ see what the future holds for the web designing.


Hina Eni is a specialist web designer associated with web design company in abu dhabi for 2 years. She design websites on WordPress and PHP and can also work on bootstrap templates. She has good command on Adobe products as well. You can follow her on FACEBOOK | TWITTER | LINKEDIN

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