TurboTax Problems with State Returns: How to Fix It?

TurboTax software is a tax preparation tool, specifically designed for the US and Canadian Tax returns.  It has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for businesses and Individuals to process and fill tax returns electronically. Though it is easy to use, sometimes the user faces TurboTax problems with state returns. If your state return is still showing ‘Started’ when IRS has already accepted a Federal return, you will need to r-submit that state return. The problem usually arises when some of the state forms are not finalized by the tool. This happens when the user attempts to e-file state at the time when he/she is e-filing federal return.  Remember a user can only e-file state return once all the forms have been finalized and federal return is accepted.

  You can use the below-given instructions to fix the problem:

  1.  First of all,  login to  your TurboTax account
  2.   Then choose Show on tax home screen.  It is next to tax  returns and documents
  3.   Ensure current Tax year is highlighted.
  4.   Select Add a State> State Taxes Tab> Continue to complete your state taxes> Done with  State
  5.   Tap on continue to review and file your state taxes.

TurboTax is free for Individuals who don’t report major medical expenses and non-businesspersons lacking 1099 income.   It is also free for individuals who own neither a rental property nor a rental property. The software is available in both paid and free versions for Windows and Mac.  For Smartphone and Tablet users, it is available as a mobile App.

We hope that above-given instructions will help you fix the problem and make your tax return job smoother and easier.  If the problem is not resolved, then contact TurboTax phone number for help.

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