What is a VPS and what are its advantages over shared hosting?

What is a VPS ? What advantages do you have over shared hosting? Like such various questions come to mind of the users how want to buy hosting server for their websites or business. Well, in this post we will try to clear these questions.

To start we will try to define the term VPS, which literally means Virtual Private Server or private virtual server. Which is nothing more than a logical or virtual server, of a physical machine that in this case we will know as a  dedicated server. The dedicated server is a machine that has its own physical resources such as: RAM, hard disk, bandwidth, IP addresses, etc.

vps hosting

The VPS hosting would be a “portion” of this physical machine, i.e. a virtual machine, created or virtualized with specialized software, among which we can find XEN VPS PROVIDER, OPENVZ, VMWARE, among others. This virtual machine, unlike a shared server or shared hosting also has as a dedicated servers, resources specially assigned for better performance. That is, fully dedicated resources, but dependent on the physical server administrator.

To be more clear, if in a dedicated server you can create several VPS obviously limited by the physical resources of the “matrix” server, in a VPS you can create several shared hosting accounts with the limitations mentioned above.

Since we have more clear what is a VPS , we proceed to break down the advantages that this has over shared hosting , depending on the use that is going to be given to the server may be less or more notable.


If you have knowledge about server administration , without a doubt acquiring a VPS can be a really economical alternative, since a large number of free control panels are available in the network that will allow you to manage your sites in a simple and practical way, obviously we speak of applications for free operating systems, such as CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu Server, etc., which are generally the most used in web servers worldwide.

This would be equivalent to having several shared hosting plans contracted, obviously depends on the VPS plan you choose and the consumption of resources of your websites.


Another of the remarkable advantages, perhaps the most important is the reliability that you have with a VPS, this because you can format it as many times as you want, you can install the operating system that you like or adapt to your needs and knowledge, even some providers allow you to reinstall the OS with a single click, also in a VPS you have access via SSH to manage your server in graphical mode, you can configure your firewall for more security, you can create your private DNS, you can install the web server that best suits your project, you also have the option to manage your webs without a panel, thus saving a large amount of resources.


Definitely one of the most relevant advantages of a VPS compared to shared hosting and budget dedicated servers is the performance, this because as mentioned above the resources of a private server are greater than those of a shared, in addition to being entirely dedicated, and you can dispose of them how it suits you best.

In conclusion

The advantages of VPS servers versus shared hosting are quite noticeable in all the aforementioned aspects, mainly in the technical aspect, since you have the freedom to install in your server the necessary complements to develop your project in the best way.

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