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Coupons or promo codes are computer-generated codes that consumers can enter in a promotional box on the shopping cart in online shopping and e-commerce sites. The code comprises of numbers/letters entered by the consumers for getting a discount on their current purchase. If you want to know more about coupons and promo codes, keep reading.

Types of Coupons and Promo Codes

Most promo codes offer discounts on online purchases as a fixed discount that would be a percentage off your entire purchase, other discounts or free shipping. It would vary from merchant to merchant. Various terms are used for referring to coupon codes. Some of them are digital coupons, gift code, offer code, discount code, promotional code, and so on.

These coupons can be availed on most of the online shopping sites- be it a website offering jewelry or a site with tour packages. You can even avail a holidayiq coupon to get off on your next trip. Coupons are great because, let’s face it, who doesn’t like discounts?

Why are coupons offered by merchants?

Coupon codes are offered by online merchants as an incentive to the shoppers for buying from their site. Many merchants don’t provide the codes directly on their website but will instead put them on affiliate programs or give members-only promo codes in their retail blog posts or newsletters. Various retail stores include online coupon codes in their advertising. Promo codes are a very effective way of tracking marketing efforts. It helps the merchant to know which platforms are gaining the most traffic or starting more conversations.

Store owners often attach a promotional code to their advertisement or marketing campaign for tracking their reach and efforts. If you are a merchant or shop owner, you don’t need to make a different code for every ad. Different codes may often trigger the same discount. For instance, you can go on creating slightly different codes so that the marketing efforts and advertisements on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook get platform-specific, unique coupon codes.

When a customer enters a tailored promo code, you get to know where the person saw the sale advertisement. This will help you in capturing and analyzing the ROI of your advertising on a particular platform. For example, if you enter a holidayiq promo code, the buyer sees it but does not click on it immediately; it will be helpful for you later. 

Sites Offering Coupon Codes

In addition to getting promotional codes and coupons directly from the merchant site, you can even go through various websites which track offers on new coupons from the merchants across the globe. These websites typically bring together thousands of online shopping promo codes at one place.

Various sites offer the codes for the buyers to copy-paste into their shopping cart of an e-commerce site. Many need you to click a referral code link or an affiliate link from the coupon website to the retail website for availing the code as it gets applied automatically.

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