Auger is a machine used for drilling activity for the railroad. Auger boring machine can drill in a variety of soil conditions such as clay, sand and shale with some basic equipment. But if you want to drill rocks layer for mast erection then it requires special equipment. In the situation of unstable sand condition, a wash over pipe or holster may be impulse through the auger boring holes to prevent the deterioration of the walls of the hole. Auger drilling is an important section of train road vehicles for the manufacturing process. The Auger drilling truck has some facilities such as a winch for lifting heavy sections from depth, Pal finger man basket, a 30-tonne meter Pal finger crane, 900 mm holedia, six rail wheels, modern hydraulic system, etc.

A careful planning and thoughtful execution are vital when you are working with auger drilling machine near a railway. For mast erection process, a high-quality auger drilling machine can drill more than 30 holes in 24 hours. Mainly depending on the ground condition, auger drilling machines are made in different sizes and capacities. This railroad service truck has a rotating cutting head and steel casing pipe that helps to dig under the ground for placing utility poles, Light poles, fence post, etc. When using an agar drilling machine, some safety rules should be maintained.

Safety measures during auger drilling railroad service:

  • When assisting the operator, be at a safe distance from the auger drilling machine.
  • Do not try to change the operator’s station or do not try to disable any safety controls beyond the manufacturer’s permission.
  • The operator should sit or stand at the operator’s station during the auger drilling process for safety and proper maintenance.
  • The workers should not approach the machine while running the Augering process.
  • Try to follow all instructions and safety maintenance manual guidelines.
  • Try to arrange pre-task meetings daily to ensure that all workers are aware of proper procedures to prevent any unforeseen events and hazards associated during work.

Benefits of auger drilling service truck:

  • Due to the use of the auger drilling machine, it is possible to carve a stable hole in the shortest possible time.
  • It is a simple and effective method that provides a high success rate.
  • The main benefit is that the machine can be worked without any interruption to the surrounding surface, building, rail or traffic.
  • It is a completely safe and quick process with low operating costs.
  • Allows installation of pipes through various ground conditions.

Auger boring machine is not only used for railroads working, but the actual process of installing an auger drilling machine can be compared to setting up a railroad track. When purchasing a new auger boring machine, operators should be conscious of the machine’s complexity. There are several different types of train road vehicles made by different companies but you should select a perfect truck with the proper equipment.

Remember that, only a railroad service truck gives a perfect work. Hopefully, this article will help you to fix any issues with the railroad by a proper railroad service truck.