What menu does Indian vegetarian restaurant Singapore serve to customers?

An Indian vegetarian restaurant in the middle of Singapore Island is a marvelous fact to know. This is especially so, if you are an Indian traveler coming to Singapore for a few days. Indian restaurants have mushroomed all over the island owing to their originality and flavor. No amount of praise could describe an Indian vegetarian Thali, as it contains everything an individual need to eat in a day for hunger, nutrition, health and taste. The Indian vegetarian restaurant Singapore serves nothing but purely organic and hygienic food that has no artificial enhancers. You can bank up on the restaurant serve you nothing but the best of Indian spices, herbs, cereals, pulses, and dairy based food items.

What do you get served at the Indian vegetarian restaurant?
You can expect to be served the best of India, such as Gujrati, Punjabi, North Indian and South Indian foods bearing exotic names and exquisite taste. The restaurant’s popular meals would offer Gujarati & Punjabi meals containing Chappathi, Rice, Dal, Kadhi, vegetables, Papad, Pickles, Curd, and Salad. These meals are sumptuous and for you difficult to eat the whole plate, such as the variety and quantity they provide at the restaurant. Small meals could consist of Puri Bhaji, Pav Bhaji, or Vegetable Biryani. You can order Indian breads such as Butter Naan, accompanied by delicious Paneer based condiments, and it will be a choice meal at low cost for a couple.

The Indian vegetarian restaurant Singapore would serve a bevy of beverages that are absolutely native and smacking with flavors both tangy and pungent. These beverages always involve herbs and spices during preparations and the end result is one lip smacking softener that announces the culinary skills of the India based cooks in a big way. the butter milk preparations and its variations include Lassi both sweet and salty, lemon juice, ginger lemon sod, apple juice, pineapple juice, watermelon juice, orange juice, Mocktails, Cocktails, Regular Tea and Masala Tea. A huge variety of snacks are served at the restaurant and they will include variety of Garlic Bread, Paneer Cheese Roll, Italian cheese Roll, Pasta Cheese Roll, Aloo Bonda, Samosa, Paneer Pakoda, Vada Pav, Onion Pakoda, Vegetable Kathli Roll, and more. These are crispy, crunchy and savory and quick hunger dousers that you can eat at any time of day.

The Indian vegetarian restaurant Singapore serves a wide spectrum of soups that are pure vegetarian delight with whole lot of veggies, creams and spicy sauces. Some of the soups served at the restaurant will include Hot & Sour Soap, Cream Of Tomato Soup, Cream Of Mushroom Soup, Vegetable Machow Soup, Cream Of Vegetable Soup, Sweet Corn Soup, Broccoli Soup, Italian Soup, Mexican Black Bean Tortilla Soup and some more. When you dine over there you will be served all these soups with the appropriate ceremony and timing and the experience will set the tone for the main course that is the highlight of the evening. The restaurant has two different set of menu catering to dine-in and take away orders and you can choose any of them to suit your immediate requirement.