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Ahmedabad is one of the best-known Tier 2 cities in present time. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Leaving aside the metro cities, for a working professional, Ahmedabad has become a sought-after place to settle down. Considering jobs in Ahmedabad, the city has opened up a huge range of job opportunities. The city is an important industrial and economic hub, not to forget that it is also a prominent textile center of the country. Ahmedabad, in recent time, has also become a center for start-ups for the young entrepreneurs of the city. All these have opened up a wide variety of jobs in Ahmedabad for the young professionals

Why Ahmedabad is a preferred destination for jobs and career growth? 

Jobs in Ahmedabad are available for job seekers across all backgrounds and educational levels. At present, the job market in Ahmedabad is flooded with jobs related to varied sectors and job verticals. 

Industrial hub

Ahmedabad is the largest industrial hub in Gujarat. Major industries which offer jobs in Ahmedabad include chemical, pharmaceutical, garment and textile industries. The city has seen a significant growth record due to its hold over commerce, trade and industry. Being situated close to Surat and its access to the hinterland of Gujarat, the industrial and trading sectors have grown over the years, opening up lots of jobs in Ahmedabad.

It is home to some of the big industrial names of the country. The two biggest pharmaceutical companies of the country Zydus Cadila and Torrent Pharmaceuticals are located in Ahmedabad. The corporate headquarters like as the Nirma Group of Industries and the Adani Group are based in this city. Young professionals can look for lucrative jobs in Ahmedabad in these major industrial companies and conglomerates.

Textile hub

The textile industry is a flourishing industry of Ahmedabad since the British era. It was referred as the “Manchester of the East” by the British because of the textile units here and availability of good cotton yarns and textiles and fabrics. Even today, the textile industry contributes a major share to the economy. It has opened up a large number of jobs in Ahmedabad for the local weavers. 

When it comes to the textile sector in Ahmedabad, Arvind Mills, presently referred as Arvind Limited, deserves a special mention. It is the most prominent denim manufacturing company. Denim fabric and denim jeans produced here are exported worldwide. Most young professionals can find ample job opportunities in Ahmedabad in Arvind Limited in various jobs roles right from designing, developing to manufacturing, marketing, and promotion etc.

Start-up wave in Ahmedabad

Like in other cities, the start-up wave has caught up in Ahmedabad too. Many start-ups by the locals have sprung up in the city offering interesting job opportunities here. Ahmedabad also hosts a number of events to promote entrepreneurship and start-ups. Many young professionals from IIM A and other reputed institutes are keen towards starting their own businesses, rather than doing a 9-hour Corporate job. There are many funding and mentoring organizations in the city like as VentureStudio, the International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology which are promoting entrepreneurship and supporting start-ups, thereby creating lot many jobs in Ahmedabad.

Infrastructure and real estate

Ahmedabad is a city known to provide 24 hours electricity supply with no power cuts. The city in terms of infrastructure has seen a phenomenal progress over the years. The city which was once criticized for dusty roads has seen wide and broad roadways, highways and flyovers.  It is now experiencing an infrastructural boom leading to a great demand for real estates. The city’s real estate and infrastructure have shown remarkable growth, thanks to the progressive policies and seamless governance. With one of the best power supply in the country and the cheapest real estate, needless to say, the infrastructure and the real estate sectors have provided many jobs in Ahmedabad. 

Information Technology

Like in major metro cities, Ahmedabad is no less behind in IT and ITES. There has been a notable rise in the information technology and scientific industries. A number of software technology parks and IT companies have been opened up in Ahmedabad. The state Government has taken up several measures to boost IT sector in Ahmedabad and other cities in Gujarat, leading to a large number of jobs in Ahmedabad.

To sum up

Skilled manpower, abundant natural resources, good roads, infrastructure, training and development centers, low operational costs, foreign direct investments etc. have all paved the path towards lucrative jobs in Ahmedabad. 

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