Why People Leave Your Personal Trainer Website?

Having your own website is imperative no matter what industry you’re in. Even for the Personal Trainer App Development, you need a website. In this post, we cover the top 5 reasons why your website traffic doesn’t convert to clients. (We have a more detailed article covering the top 10 reasons you can find here).

1. Bad Copy

This is the textual content on your personal trainer website. It needs to talk about how and why your service as the personal trainer is the solution to their problems.

2. Outdated Design

Your first chance of creating the first impression through your website. Especially with personal training being such a visually motivated and competitive industry, your website needs to instil trust in potential clients.

3. Hard-to-read Content

You can write the most compelling copy but if it’s not legible, it won’t matter. Make sure the font and colours you use through the texts are consistent throughout the website.

4. Auto-Play Videos

Do not have a video playing automatically the moment a visitor lands on your page. Leave the visitors the option of choosing by putting a manual button.

5. Confusing Navigation

For a personal trainer website or app in the fitness industry, you don’t need a Fitness App Development Company to figure things out. It’s important to have simple navigation and easy-to-find options. A well-organised, easy-to-use website will go a long way in making you more memorable in the mind of the potential client.

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