Why You Should Buy RO Water Purifier For UV Filter

Why You Should Buy RO Water Purifier For UV Filter

We can only call water life when it is clean otherwise it can bring even death. The increasing pollution and contamination play a huge role to make a huge number of people sick all over the world. Every year almost 3.7 million people die due to various water contaminated diseases (as per the statistics of the World Health Organization). Tap water that is the most common source of any Indian household cannot be considered safe anymore. It is because the general filtration system is not capable to clean the heavy metal and other harmful soluble contamination from water.

That’s why people prefer to Buy RO Water Purifier for Home so that they can get pure and clean drinking water every time. However, most of the people are now confused with to choose between RO and UV water purifier. Most of the people don’t have a proper idea about the functionalities and effectiveness of these two most popular filtrations. To resolve all the issues, we are here making a clear discussion on the comparison of the two systems and why you should Buy RO Water Purifier for Home.

However, before that; just take a look at the UV and RO filtration system.

What is the RO Filtration system?

Before you decide to Buy RO Water Purifier for Home, you must know how this system works. In this Reverse Osmosis technique, the water molecule passes through a semi-permeable membrane that filters dissolved impurities, bacteria, contamination, and salt.

What is the UV Purification system?

The Ultraviolet radiation will kill the bacteria to make the water disinfectant.

Why you should Buy RO Water Purifier for Home instead of UV filtration?

  • In the UV system, the ray will kill the bacteria but does not clean the water by removing the bodies. On the other hand, the RO water purifier does not only kill them but completely removes them along with other pathogens. You can say that RO water purification maintains more hygiene.

  • Not only the bacteria, but the dissolved contaminants like salt and heavy metals are also harmful to our body. The RO water purification system can remove the dissolved salt and impurities by the RO membrane. It thoroughly separates all the pollutants from the water; living or material and filter the cleanest water. However, the UV water purification system only kills the bacteria but does not leave any effect on the dissolved contamination. So, the risk of ailments is there, after drinking the UV filtered water.

  • Another excellent advantage of the RO water purification system is that if the water of your area is muddy, the RO membrane can separate the mud and soil particle and provide you the clean water free from any bacteria and other contamination. The UV water purification cannot separate the sediments of the water and the final outcome is muddy enough which is not suitable to drink.

From the discussion, it must be clear to you why you should Buy RO Water Purifier for Home. As water is life, you should not compromise with the filter system and get the best thing available in the market.

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