10 Things You Can Outsource To a Virtual Assistant

10 things to outsource to a virtual assistant

Owning a business has many perks that come along with it. Virtual Assistants come as a gift to business owners, who are in dire need to double the efforts to delve into the business world.

Business owners can now spend time on high-priority tasks. Virtual personal assistant eases up your responsibilities by scraping up cumbersome tasks off your plate.

Below are top 10 tasks that you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant:

1. Research

Research is an essential part of a business. It looks out for the trends, competitor figures, and updates in the target market. Research needs a thorough investigation, which consumes hours of time a day. A VA can conduct research in a better way. They review and find ways to use data in a lucrative manner.

2. File Organization

File organization, storage, and sharing involve a menial task. Filing documents consumes much amount of efficient time. But files play an integral part in the business, to ensure fluidity. Hence, it is better off outsourcing this responsibility to a virtual assistant.

3. Data Entry

From the start of the organization, as it gets expands further, a company collects a lump-sum amount of data each day. It includes customer’s information, contact details, market trends and much more. Outsourcing data entry to a VA ensures all the information is securely collected and stored in a place.

4. Customer Service

While executing the concerning business, there might sometimes be the continuous ringing of the phone. You must admit that every call has a substantial significance. You neither can stay connected to your phone all the time, nor you can miss that important call from your client or prospect. Virtual Assistants are always open to receive important calls and take care of your business.

5. Accounting and Bookkeeping

Financial reporting and accounting needs are the other tasks you can outsource to a VA. They double check and look out for the individual details in a more comprehensive manner.

6. Web Development

Developing and customizing the website requires better coding experience and imagination. An efficient VA handles website functionality, themes, plugins, to integrate it well into your business.

7. Digital Marketing

Prospects are everywhere in the digital world, but obtaining them takes time and energy. VA can take care of customers on social media, and bring prompt responses. They even conduct all the relevant keyword research to obtain valuable links and increase the ranking of your company, virtually.

8. Content Writing

Content plays a crucial role in enhancing business presence. Writing content and blogs takes relevant research skills and collection of information. A content writer can take care of all your blogging tasks, in enhancing website ranking.

9. Email Management

Many customers use email as a medium to interact with business, efficiently. The volume of incoming emails can be overwhelming; hence, assigning email management to a VA can come as a great relief to business owners. VA’s take up the responsibility to better organize your emails and answer them in a prompt manner.

10. Graphic Designing & Editing

Audio/video production, website designing, and graphics involve laborious work. It is better working off these tasks to a virtual assistant, who take care of practicalities in designing and come up better with the graphics.


There are unlimited ways a virtual administrative assistant can help your business run with the highest potential. By leveraging talented workers within the team, they try and conduct business in the best way, possible.

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