3 Internet Marketing New Year’s Resolution to Make for 2019

More and more entrepreneurs are now aware of the importance of SEO for their business and for this, arranging SEO campaigns that will help them stand tall in the crowd. And when it comes to SEO, new trends are very frequent. To give better search results to people, Google is constantly changing its algorithms, and to optimize your business based on that and to get better rankings on the Search Engine Result pages, you have to keep an eye on the updates and use the ones that will be suitable for your business. However, despite being an SEO savvy, it is not always possible to be aware of all the trends.

And this is why many companies are hiring SEO agencies that can take care of their digital presence. Being an entrepreneur, you should also try to use effective SEO strategies that will help you rule the market. As 2019 is around the corner and everyone is taking some resolution for positive changes, why not take some SEO resolution for the upcoming year that can help you reach your goals. Here we put together some SEO resolution for you. Take a look.

1. Increase engagement

One of the major parts of internet marketing is to increase engagement with the targeted audience. Are you not satisfied with the audience engagement this year? Then, it is the perfect time to refresh your marketing strategy and take a new resolution. In case, you don’t have time to engage with your audience, then go for the ways that can save your time. For example, you can use apps for scheduling your social media posts in advance. Moreover, you can steal some time that you will otherwise spend for creating and sharing content, and spend it for increasing engagement. When you engage with customers, they feel valued, and they are more likely to tell their friends, colleagues and neighbours about their shopping experience and thus, take part in indirect marketing. So, increase engagement and see the result.

2. Change your style

The first impression always matters a lot and it is applicable for your website design too. Changing your website does not necessarily mean that you have to change each and every single detail of the site. You can change small sections to make the site more appealing to the customers. For instance, you can change the navigation bar to make it more user-friendly or design a new logo or change the colour scheme or the font style to make the site eye-catching. A small change can revive the look and bring in more number of customers. The ideal way would be to prepare everything beforehand and then go live on the first day of the year. So, change the style of your website and bring a new image on the New Year’s Day.

3. Enhance your mobile format

If you are one of the businessmen who always think how the website will appear on the desktop format, then it is the time to take the resolution of making the website mobile friendly. And the best part of doing so is that you are able to reach more number of users and thus, there will be a boost in the website traffic. There are several plugins that can translate the desktop view to a mobile view. So, for 2019, take the resolution of targeting the people who use their phone for viewing your site.

So, no more waste your time and take the resolution for the New Year. And to optimize your website with the trending SEO strategies, look for an SEO agency Sydney or anywhere else in Australia.

Author Bio: Clark Jones, associated with an SEO agency Sydney, here writes on some internet marketing New Year’s resolution that you can make for 2019.

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