4 Ways to Make Accounting Easier For Your Small Business

Maintaining accounting for your small business means you have to preserve track of your business expenses, evaluate financial reports, monitor, and collect payments from your clients or customers. As a small business owner you will be confronted with countless engagements and tasks, so utilize these four guidelines below to help make your accounting easier and less stressful.

1. Sort and Track all Business Expense Receipts

You can easily keep track of your business expenses, it’s not that too hard. But most of the small businesses are struggling to keep track of all expense receipts. It’s like an easy habit to adopt rather than a complex one.

Inoxo’s Visma eAccounting can help you to track all of your business expenses as a small business owner. Even if you have good intentions, it’s very easy to misplace paper receipts, causing you to fall behind on your bookkeeping. The expense tracking option in a cloud accounting platform allows you to take a picture of your receipt and safely store it in the cloud. The simplicity of the process allows you to stay on track.

2. Store All Donation and Contribution Receipts

Many donations and contributions are 100% deductible, but you have to keep any kind of donation receipts to claim them on your taxes. Just like all other business expenses, donations and contributions should be stored within their own category. It makes your accountant’s job much easier when you separate them within the category. The easier you make their job, the less likely they are to oversee little details.

3. Generate a Perfect Invoicing System

By using INOXO REGNSKAP AS’s Økonomistyring, you can able to manage all of your accounting tasks organized in a system. More organized your accounting are, the fewer headaches you will have down the line. In today’s technology-driven era, selecting Visma eAccounting or Visma business is very important, and the first step in creating a secure invoicing system.

A small business owner might think that transferring everything over a new platform can be an expensive attempt but with Visma eAccounting you can have professional looking invoices within your price range.

4. Create a Smooth Payroll System

When you are running a small business, definitely your company has employees. If so, you can use a smooth payroll system that seems simple on the surface, but in reality, it is a very complicated part of a business.

You really have two options when it comes to payroll. You can either use payroll software and handle it in-house or hire a payroll company to handle everything from calculating the correct withholdings and taxes to making the direct deposits to your employee’s bank accounts. For a perfect understanding, you can read this: https://www.inoxo.no/tjenester/lonn/

If you follow these effective yet simple small business accounting tips, you can easily keep tracking your all kind of financial expenses for your small business.