5 Factors to Keep in Mind When Selecting Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are a common tactic used by marketing teams. These gifts have a longer shelf life than mere advertisements, making their branding more impactful. But because it is so often used, you need to make sure that your gift stands out. When deciding on corporate gift ideas, keep our factors in mind:

Utility: Everyone loves a gift. But unless it is of actual use, chances are that it will end up in a dustbin. Hence, the foremost rule for selecting corporate gifts is to look at its utility. You need gifts that are of actual use to the receiver. Mementoes and certificates usually do not have a long shelf life because people usually have too many of these. High utility gifts include file folders, laptop bags, utility bags, stationary items, vases and utensils.

Design: A gift should be something nice and trendy. People are more likely to keep their corporate gifts if these are also nice to look at. Avoid anything tacky or shabby. Instead of going for the same old designs, look for trendy and contemporary styles. Even the most common gift becomes valuable when it looks good or is of the latest style. For instance, a cardboard folder can look old and boring. Go for trendier designs available today, such as zippered plastic folders with separate compartments.

Branding: When mulling corporate gift ideas, you must keep the branding in mind. After all, that is the primary purpose of the gift. You have to see that there is enough space for the branding. This will include the company logo and name. It should be clearly visible, but not take up so much space that it instead becomes tacky. If you can, make sure that the gifts reflects the brand colours. For instance, if your logo is in blue and white, make these the primary colours for your gift.

Quality: This is one rule that you simply cannot compromise on. Many companies tend to do exactly this in order to lower the costs. But remember, anything cheap and garish will be immediately thrown out — effectively wasting all the money that you have spent on the gift. A good quality gift is more likely to be retained and used repeatedly — fulfilling your objective of brand visibility. Also, keep in mind that the receiver will make association with your own brand. The low quality will forever be associated with your own brand.

Brand association: The gift you choose will have a strong brand association. Anything you select will reflect on own your brand. So, think of corporate gift ideas that are related to your brand and are more likely to enhance its image and value. For instance, if your business is related to office machinery, an appropriate gift would be office stationary. As a gift it will have strong brand association. For a home furnishing company, on the other hand, a vase or wall-clock will be a better gift.

Corporate gifts are an easy, but effective means of branding. But it is important to keep in mind these five key factors when selecting an appropriate gift.

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