Annapurna Circuit trekking

5 Gadgets You Can Use While Hiking For The First Time

Hiking is a fun and a low impact workout. This outdoor activity includes walking on different terrains while experiencing some scenic beauties and landscapes, up close in nature. Unlike walking on a treadmill, hiking involves an altogether different environment that you haven’t witnessed before, making it an interesting and unpredictable adventure. If hiking or trekking in Nepal for the first time, prepare yourselves for a thrilling and adrenaline filled ride.

Hiking has several benefits for our body and mind, making it a fun and healthy form of workout. It reduces body weight, risk of heart and other cardiovascular diseases, builds our endurance, tones our muscles, boosts our mood and gives us the pleasure of being close to nature by rejuvenating us internally.

Nepal is a paradise for trekkers and offers some of the world’s best tours with varying difficulty levels and enthralling views. Nepal trekking tour packages are one of a kind with unparalleled experience, taking through some of the world’s highest trek points. Annapurna circuit trekking tours are very popular for their vivid landscapes and soul-touching views.


Here are 5 gadgets you must carry while hiking for the first time:

  1. Power Bank:
    You never know when you might need extra juice for your electronic devices. Carry a waterproof power bank with good battery capacity, preferably over 8000mAh. This provides 2-3 charge cycles for a phone and can be a blessing in case you land up in a place with no electrical supply. You can also invest in a solar charging panel and promote the use of renewable energy sources.
  2. Go Pro:
    Go pro is a versatile action camera that can help you capture the events of your hiking experience so that you can watch them again and revive your memories. The advantage Go pro has over other point and shoot camera is the small size with all the superior qualities, packed in a rugged, waterproof and indestructible frame. The Go-pro can be mounted on various places, be it a car dashboard, bi-cycle, headband, or any other place you can imagine.
  3. Multi-tool/Swiss Knife kits:
    Why carry multiple tools like knife, scissors, screw drivers, etc when you can save space and carry a pocket size, foldable multi-tool kit. Made up of stainless steel, there are Multi tool kits or Swiss knife kits with multiple tools like pliers, scissors, blades, can openers, combo knives, and other tools. These can come handy during a hike in case you want to fix a cycle gear, open a food can, slice an apple or even cut through branches.
  4. GPS enabled Watch:
    GPS is very effective during navigation and finding out your exact location. This eliminates the need for carrying a map and saves the hassle of keep track of the trail after every step. GPS watches with navigation include an electronic compass and barometric altimeter. These features are very useful if you lose tracks and don’t know the right directions to follow.
  5. Hiking headlamp:
    Whether you are trekking early in the morning before sunrise or late in the night it’s ideal to keep a rechargeable headlamp to illuminate the way for you. Backcountry trekking doesn’t have any source of light to brighten up your path but a headlamp with an LED light beam will do its work and give you the perfect vision while you’re trekking. The headlamp also gives you the ability to use light handsfree as you place them on your forehead, giving you the light in the exact line of sight you would need.


The advancement in technology and electronic gadgets enhance our trekking experience and are ideal for first time trekkers to enjoy their vacation without any hassle.