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5 ways to fill your work-place with positive energy

“Quality performance starts with a positive attitude”  – Jeffrey Gitomer

Your attitude towards anything shows the perception that you keep for the person, place or situation. Positivity is something that can create magic in trounce situations, it’s the reenergizing element that adds life to the dying and depressed world.

So why is it important to bring the positivity at the work-place? 

I ask you why not? You are living your one-third life at your work-place, working under stress and pressure of competing deadlines. This is the place where you need some positive and fresh air to keep up the morals of the people around you to work better together. And as it is said, the best and the most productive outputs come from the happiest minds.


So how is it possible to bring in this energy in the waves of your office? We have some really interesting ideas below that can help you make your workplace a little more zealous than it is! So, continue reading…

  • A good morning 

Positivity is something that increases in spreading. Starting someone’s day by your good morning wish is something that can make a difference in their morning. What if you just utter “Good Morning” when your colleague enters the room.

Your small gesture can make them feel welcomed to the place and make a mindset that you all are happy to see each other the next day. 

  • Smile or wave 

What if you are roaming in the office corridor and dash against your boss? Will you pretend to be on the phone or just give a smile and greet him?

A happy person is what all want to be around. A smile or just a wave at the person crossing you will bring in a positive vibe from your side giving the sign of being in the same family and lead the same lives. Your smile can act as a weapon for the one who needs healing or is dealing with some serious issues of life. You don’t really know what a person is going through, so it would be better to just be nice to everyone around.

  • A positive quote

Every one of us has the office WhatsApp group or the area in the office where you all could just meet to share a positive thought to start the day.

Yes, sharing the positive quotes imparting it meaningfully in life can make a great difference in the inner and outer sense of a person, so be the one who brings in this positive energy.

  • Jar of happiness 

Why being happy alone? Share the good things that happened to you in your life. Ask your HR to bring in “A jar of happiness” and keep it at a specific place in the office, ask your employees to write down the good things that happened to them ever in their life. 

Tell all of them to do this activity whenever they are really happy. This will help you collect all the happy moments of everyone’s lives, now this jar of happiness acts as a healer for the ones who are really disturbed and disappointed in their life. It can help them go through all the good things that could happen to people and bring back a positive mindset to them.


  •  Positive attitude

As I already said, the smile is the most contagious thing that spreads like fire. Similarly, a person having a positive mindset or attitude towards all the odds in the company can bring in the same energy to the people working around.

Having a leader that has a very poised and balanced way of responding to things can make a really fascinating atmosphere in the office. The way he looks at things and he responds towards the situations can affect the people working under him. 

  • Celebrating small things 

Happiness doesn’t require a big occasion to come, but it can swing into your office by celebrating small achievements and events that come along. A surprise birthday plan for a colleague, preparing a small tribute for a leader for his contribution, it can be anything that can bring the happiest vibe in the so-called boring 9-5 job.

Summing Up

Positivity is something that is felt from inside, but if there is a way when we can make a positive culture in the boring workspace we live, why not make it a happier space.

So start looking for ways to make the people around happy by being yourself happy in and out. I assure you this will surely affect the work you all are doing and bring out the most productive output your company could ever get.  


Author Bio:

James Vargas is an experienced business expert, business growth consultant, and manager at Get Everything Delivered. With the 1.5-decade corporate experience, he is now sharing his guidance to start-ups to grow with corporate team building activities and project delivery solutions.