Tips for seo friendly writing

8 Tips for writing SEO friendly articles


SEO… Writing friendly articles means that you must generate content that is easily indexed by search engines, but thinking about your audience since you must write valuable information for them.

If you are new to blogs or if you have a new website, you want people to discover your site and eventually be your faithful visitors. SEO is a process that although it takes time, is not very difficult to achieve and these eight tips for writing friendly SEO articles will be of great help.

1. Write useful and attractive content for SEO

Most search engines reward sites that share relevant content with their readers and the fresher and more original the content you share, the better visibility they will gain in the search results, as the more people who find your content useful. or entertained, more conversions and participation will have. Always remember that a single well-written SEO article exceeds the amount at all times.

2. Be brief and direct

Be considerate of your reader’s time being brief and getting to the point immediately, very long SEO articles can be boring. If your article can be read between 5 and 10 minutes, you will get more people to participate with your content. Also make use of the lists, which break with the large blocks of text and facilitate reading.

3. Choose the keywords and use them wisely

Choose the keywords before you start writing an article and include them in the titles, in the meta-tags and the body of the text, but be careful to use them more. Most readers are wise enough to see what you are doing and you will only get them to never return to your site. Tagging your content for SEO will help search engines rank it more accurately and will help you position it in that category.

4. Have a point of view

Many people may write about the same topics, but adding data from your history and experience will make your content unique and make it much more interesting for your readers. The more they can identify with you, the more they will share your article for SEO and the participants will be greater.

5. Add the links as part of your text

When adding links to your article for SEO, it is important that instead of saying “click here”, they are part of your text. The links used must be credible websites since it is important to build trust and credibility to your readers about the information you are sharing.

6. Optimize your images for SEO

Using relevant images not only makes your article more interesting, but it also allows you to optimize them by naming them with the relevant keywords. Make sure the image name is correct and optimize its size so that loading time can have a positive impact on your SEO optimization, making the image as small as possible, without sacrificing quality.

7. Read your article before publishing it

Be sure to check the spelling, it is no use writing keywords to get more searches, if they are misspelled: all your SEO work will have been in vain. Also, you don’t want to bother your readers with bad grammar and misspelled words.

8. Make your content easily shared

Make sure you have all the buttons of the main social networks on your website, most offer free plugins, available for anyone to install. The appearance in search engines tends to increase when the content of an article for SEO is shared frequently, never underestimate the power of social networks.

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