Best astrologers from India explaining Yogastrology

What happens when yoga meets astrology? Best astrologer India explains the concept of yogastrology in this post. Read what they have to say about it.

Yogastrology (Yoga + Astrology) focuses on the connection between the traditional areas of human body in astrology. It tells how one can strengthen them with the help of yoga. Astrologers and yoga gurus believe that by aligning the practice of yoga with astrology, human can become more attuned to the universe by achieving a deeper state of fulfillment and wellness.

Yoga asans are related to the spine. Your spine is the key to the practice of yoga. Inside the spine, there is the Sushumna, a subtle-body energy channel also known as nadi, embodies the pathway of Kundalini shakti. On either side of the Sushumna, there are two more nadis – Pingala and Ida.

Ancient yogis had an idea of Ida and Pingala nadis that align our bodies with the Sun and Moon and attune us according to our willingness. That explains the term Hatha. Ha-tha is derived from Sanskrit and it actually means Ha- Sun and Tha- Moon.

Hatha Yoga in itself is an exercise that promotes synchronization with the celestial cycles. You can bring your body into alignment with the Sun, the moon and the stars. It is believe by ancient yogis that these natural cycles help promote happier body and awake your body spiritually.

Here we got some poses that you can try according to your sign:

Aries – Warrior One:

Virbhadrasan or Warrior Pose helps in-

  • Stretching your hips, shoulders, and groins
  • Opening the lungs and chest
  • Energizing tired limbs
  • Building concentration and stamina
  • Stimulating your abdominal organs
  • Develops balance and stability
  • Enhances respiration and circulation

This will assert the inner Aries.

Taurus – The bridge:

Setu Bandhasana or Bridge pose helps in –

  • Stretching the chest, spine, neck, and hips
  • Strengthening the buttocks, back, and hamstrings
  • Alleviating stress and mild depression
  • Enhancing digestion
  • Stimulating thyroid glands, lungs, and abdominal organs

The area of the Taurus body is the neck and this pose helps in strengthening the trunk.

Other signs and poses are discussed in next post of best astrologer India. You can navigate to the link and read about it. Thanks for your time. You may feedback and ask about Hatha yoga from experts through comments below.

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