Buying A Phone For Your Dad

Choosing a handset for a parent can be difficult. There are so many to choose from, it makes it hard to know which one is the right one for them. If you are buying a new mobile phone or smartphone for your Dad then you may want to consider a couple of things before the purchase. This includes your father’s need and ability to use the handset. There is no point in getting a handset that has small buttons if your father’s manual dexterity is not at its best. You must also consider the screen size in cases where your father may have failing eyesight.


Another aspect to consider is network coverage. Check this out before you even call into a shop or visit a website. Make sure that the phone you buy is connected to a network that covers the places your dad goes to, both work and home.


Horses for Courses

Buying the wrong handset could mean that it just sits in a drawer and never get used. This defeats the object of having the phone there, particularly if it has been bought for use in an emergency. If your father is not keen on technology then a handset that is simple to use, such as the Doro phones with a one-button call option might be the best idea. However, if your dad is a whizz with his phone then treat him to one with great features. After all, some of the latest handsets are the complete entertainment package.


If your father has not yet retired then you may want to consider getting him a phone that is suitable to his workplace. If your dad works a manual labor job, or a job that keeps him outside all the time then choose a handset that is hardy to the elements or at least buy a cover to go with the phone to help keep the dirt and light showers off. If your dad is office-based and may use the phone a lot for his business, then you may want to consider the Blackberry or iPhone range of handsets that can help to keep him connected to his clients wherever he may be. and as I said If your dad does office-based work and you think to buy a smartphone for him then before you give the phone to him, install spydialer. It helps your father to know about unknown calls. 


Take Dad with You

If it is possible always take your father with you when you buy his new phone. That way he can hold the phone in his hands, try the buttons for size and check on how easy it is to navigate the menus, that way you know you are getting a phone that your dad can use. Men have larger hands than women, so a smaller sized handset might be too difficult to hold. Buying one that has larger dimensions is the best option in this instance.


Once the handset is chosen you will need to decide whether to put your dad on a monthly contract plan or pay as you go. If he is a lighter user then a pay as you go plan will probably be more cost-effective. Being on a contract means never running out of credit and always being able to make a call or text, so for the child who needs the added peace of mind where their dad is concerned this is perhaps a better option, even if it just the lowest priced price plan your mobile network has.