The Most Common Bone Diseases and How to Treat Them

As humans near old age, maturation of the body, peaks and the deterioration of the body begins. Organs begin to function less effectively as years go by and illnesses hit you out of nowhere. This occurrence, as others would call it is the body’s payback for all the negligence and abuse we have done to our body.

But this eventuality is typical in all living organism. One of the complications that people undergo in this particular experience is the regression of the bones; this includes diseases like osteoporosis and Paget’s disease in which these diseases could cause a bone fracture.

Bone disease is a condition that when a person reaches a particular stage in life, the bone weakens, quickly damaging the skeletal system that may result in bone injury.


The most common bone disease is osteoporosis it is when the bones lose minerals like Calcium, this causes the low bone mass and the deterioration of the bone structure. Osteoporosis weakens the bones making them fragile, that is why even the softest falls or slips can result in fractures.

The most common fractures because of this disease are wrist and hip fractures. This disease develops gradually in years and is usually identified only because of minor fractures or sudden impacts that could cause a fracture.

Paget’s Disease

This condition occurs when there is excessive bone remodeling, or the new bone tissue excessively replaces the old bone tissues. These new tissues are extremely active and resorbing bone quickly with virus-like characteristics. This phenomenon can damage the body because it is unorganized and chaotic.

There is an uneven distribution of repairment; some bone areas have an excessive bone formation while some bone area has a deficient supply of the new tissue. This process can lead causes the weakening of the bones and other bone deformities.

Osteogenesis Imperfecta

This disease is also called brittle bone disease where the bones are thin-walled and are very prone to fracture because their genes lack bone-forming cells. The body of the patient has reduced production of protein collagen which causes the bone brittleness.

Other manifestations of this disease are the malformed teeth and the blue sclera in a person. It is a rare genetic defect and is usually hereditary. This disease usually affects children and cause them to fracture.

 Luckily, because of our technological and medicinal advancement, we introduce to you a solution to this tragic dilemma — a drug that can slow down the deterioration of the bones — Risedronate Sodium.

How can this Drug Help Me?

Risedronate Sodium aims to treat diseases that weaken the bones. It could also help the person with specific bone pain, and also targets the long-term complications brought by the bone disease. This drug works by slowing down the process of bone loss and reduces any risk of fracture. This drug belongs to the type of drugs called “bisphosphonates.” The process involves slowing the natural bone breakdown and ensures the thickness of the bone.

What are Its Side Effects and Possible Complications?

This drug can cause some mild side effects, and this includes an upset stomach, back pain, pain in the stomach area, joint pain, and influenza. Some severe side effects can cause bone death in the jaw, ulcers, and broken bones.

Also, this Risedronate Sodium interacts with other medication both supplements or herbs. The interaction between different drugs may alter the way the drug works that may prevent the drugs from working well or can be harmful to the body. Different types of medicine, when mixed with Risedronate Sodium, have different effects on the body.

For example, when this drug is taken with Calcium supplement the amount of Risedronate in your body may be reduced, when taken with medicines that lower stomach acid, it may cause the drug to enter the bloodstream quickly. So, always remember to be cautious in taking drugs together that might lead to ineffectiveness of the medicine.

Be Warned

Risedronate Sodium contains inactive ingredients that may cause allergic reactions to people. People with problems with their esophagus should avoid this drug as it can cause stricture in the particular organ. It is also advised that Calcium supplements should be taken before taking this drug. Lastly, people with kidney issues shouldn’t take this drug as it can lead to further complications in the body.


This drug is mostly for the consumption of adult people, who have internal stability and is fit enough to counter the side effects of the drug. Pregnant women, women who breastfeed, seniors are discouraged from taking this drug as it can complicate their state. Also, this drug shouldn’t be used by any person not older than eighteen years of age.

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