Data Warehouse Consulting – The Key to BI Success?


Let’s directly cut to the chase: Running a business is no easy task. If you think that you are only supposed to focus on your operations, then you are mistaken! All experienced business owners, managers, and analysts are well aware of the fact that they need to focus on things that go beyond the confines of their enterprises. This means that they have to focus on their competitors, the changing market conditions, and the ever-transforming global, political, social, and cultural landscapes. But, what does all of this TRULY imply? To provide an extremely concise answer: It is data. The collection, integration, transformation, and loading of data, to be more specific. Considering the huge amount of data that it is collected from such a diverse collection of sources (both internal and external), it’s safe to say that the data too is quite diverse. Therefore, it becomes challenging for businesses to store, compare, perform analysis, and make decisions based on it. To overcome this obstacle, the wonders of innovation and technology blessed the world with data warehouses. Because of this, almost all enterprises which step their toes in business intelligence technologies invest in data warehouse consulting.

If you want to learn more about this technology, find out how your enterprise can benefit by implementing it, and why you should get the consultancy (specifically, by ExistBI!) then keep reading.

Data Warehouses Explained

A data warehouse is like a repository where virtually all of the data of an organization is stored. Unlike data bases, which focus on providing rapid transactional data, data warehouses focus on accumulating all of the data by integrating it and making it readily available for important queries. They provide a long-term, broader view of data. There are certain technologies which are involved in data warehousing, the most critical one being an ETL tool.

With a perfect combination of applications and/or hardware, you can start reaping the benefits of data warehousing and rise to the top of the ladder in no time! However, selecting the right kind of tools and then implementing them in your organization can be difficult, especially if you have no experience with business intelligence technologies. This is where ExistBI’s professional data warehouse consulting service comes into the picture. By understanding your enterprises’ requirements, we will come up with the perfect solutions.

Reasons to Get Our Consultancy

Without further ado, here are some strong reasons to select ExistBI’s professional consulting service for data warehousing:

We Provide Neutral & Unprejudiced Advice

The first and the foremost reason that makes ExistBI simply the best is the fact that we are vendor neutral and never root for a specific technology because of no reason. As mentioned above, we carefuly study the special requirements of your organization and then come up with the best possible solutions.

We Have Years of Experience

The second reason to select our consultants is that they are highly experienced and have helped countless organizations in implementing data warehousing technologies. It is therefore recommended that you treat their advice like gospel!

We Follow a Modern Approach

Our approach to data warehousing is simply the best. We divide our entire consultancy into three phases, namely:

  1. Strategy & Planning
  2. Data Warehouse Analysis & Design
  3. Data Warehouse Build

This ensures accuracy and the best results.

Final Thoughts

Data warehousing is the next step towards embracing success with business intelligence. To learn more, visit our official YouTube channel:

For more details, visit or give us a call – our experts would love to talk to you.

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